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Cultists are enemies found in Appalachia.


Main article: Cult of the Mothman

These cultists are those who worship the Mothman, hostile to all outsiders intruding on their "holy land".

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

FO76 Raider Hostile.png
This character is always hostile with the player.
FO76 icon map event.png
This character is involved in events.


Image Name Form ID Level HP
Cultist 005641AF 1-66 75
Cultist prospect 005641B0 4 85
Cultist seeker 005641B1 9 215
Cultist disciple 005641B2 14 225
Cultist elder 005641B3 21 270
Cultist ascender 005641B4 30 340
Cultist awoken 005641B5 39 365
Cultist chosen 005641B6 50 390
Cultist wrathwing 005641B7 66 390
Cultist destroyer ????????
Cultist prophet.png
Cultist prophet 005F995E (Tier 1) Daily Ops
005F995F (Tier 2) Daily Ops
005F9960 (Tier 3) Daily Ops
???????? Fallout 76 seasonal content
25 (Tier 1)
50 (Tier 2)
100 (Tier 3)
1990 (Tier 1)
5123 (Tier 2)
9540 (Tier 3)
Cultist High Priest.png
Cultist high priest Fallout 76 seasonal content See below See below See below
Name (Form ID)AbilitiesItems
Cultist high priest Fallout 76 seasonal content


Cultist prophet

Cultist high priest

The cultist high priest is exclusive to The Mothman Equinox community event. These cultists have the ability to bend the will of all nearby enemies, similar to the Flatwoods monster. Their minions are marked with a pinkish outline with tiny spectral moths fluttering about.[1]

The high priests may randomly replace most enemies found in exteriors around Appalachia, similar to the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter community event. They are always legendary enemies and defeating them will yield a cultist high priest pack.[2]

  • High priests have a 55% chance to be ★, a 40% chance to be ★★, and a 5% chance to be ★★★ legendary enemies.[3]
  • Cultist high priests always deal 25% less damage.


Cultists appear only in Fallout 76.