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Cultist's scrawlings are three paper notes in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders. They are written by a cultist in the Cult of the Mothman.


One of these notes can be obtained during the random encounter Cultist Hostile Camp. The note that appears out of the three is random.


Note 01

The Great Moth has guided us to a fruitful harvest yet again.

Tonight we return the favor with an offering of our own.

Let us feast in celebration of all he has given.

Note 02

Without all he has provided where we would we be?

Just today with his whispering and beckoning we came across this camp, another gift from the Woods, deepening our gratitude and solidifying our bond.

A great feast is in order.With diligence and zeal let us go about our preparations for his arrival.

Note 03

Blessed with an abundance yet again by the guidance of his hand, a decadent ceremony is in order to honor the Great Moth.

Let the voices of the Woods join us with pomp in the festivities.

Now we must busy ourselves in preparation for tonight's offering.