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Cultist's final pleas are four paper notes in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders. They are written by cultists from the Cult of the Mothman, participating in ritual suicide.


The notes are obtainable from dead cultists during a variant of the random encounter Blood Eagle Hostile Camp.


Note 01

Drink with me, brothers of the Wood. Guided by truth, the only light in the forest.

Elevate your souls and revel in the exaltation of whom we follow. May he anoint our drink.

Let us lose ourselves as we bath in his glory.

Note 02

Touch your lips upon the cup and let us tilt our heads in a spectacle of complete devotion.

The devout, whose faith never trembled, will surely be rewarded.

Rejoice, for the hour of salvation is nearly upon us!

Note 03

As the flame beckons a moth we came to him, our father of the Woods.

He showed us warmth. He provided us with water. He whispered a willingness to accept into our hearts. Those who do not know are blighted with a fraudulence that festers within their soul.

Now, servants of the Woods, let us drink in a final offering. Not a sacrifice, but a gift to the Eyes of the Forest.

Note 04

Submit your hearts to our savior. Trust not in your own understanding. When we first entered these hills we lived in the dark, wallowing in ignorance and living without purpose.

Great Moth, you have illuminated our world. Where we could not see, you opened our eyes. When we could not eat, you showed us plentiful pastures.

Humbled by your selection in us, allowing us the comfort and grace of your presence, tonight we drink in your great name.