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The Cult of the Mothman was a pre-War Religious faction in Appalachia that worshiped the Mothman.


The Cult of the Mothman had been worshiping the Mothman in secret since long before the Great War. On October 22, 2077, only a day before nuclear armageddon was unleashed across the world, the cult conducted a ritual to summon the Mothman. One member identified as Brother Charles claimed that the ritual succeeded and the Mothman had warned him of a terrible flood that would occur the next day that could only be survived by reaching high ground. The cult took this warning seriously and informed its other members.[1][2] Ultimately, the cult members would settle in the abandoned Lucky Hole mine.[3]

The cult has a small underground meeting area in one of the buildings in Point Pleasant, and they also has several unmarked shrine locations throughout Appalachia such as:

Interactions with the player characterEdit

The player character can find the remains of the cult in the Lucky Hole mine (along with the interloper) and the sunken church behind Raleigh Clay's bunker. They can also meet the mothman himself in random encounters.


The Cult of the Mothman appears in Fallout 76.



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