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Cryptos is a computer mainframe in Appalachia. It is located in the basement of Riverside Manor, located behind a secret door.


Cryptos is a modified RobCo Industries computer mainframe originally built by RobCo for a canceled Defense Intelligence Agency project before being sold to Frederick Rivers. Frederick modified it to optimize martial arts training for his wife Shannon Rivers, who was preparing to portray the hero Mistress of Mystery in the upcoming Silver Shroud television series.

After the Great War, the Rivers founded the Order of Mysteries. Fredrick and two members reprogrammed Cryptos to automate functions for the Order. Cryptos can automate the registration of initiates, mentor and mission assignments, and promotions. It was also interfaced with an automated fabricator to authorize and log the fabrication of order equipment.

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Behind the scenes

The Greek root word kryptos means "hidden" or "mysterious."


Cryptos appears only in Fallout 76.