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For the weapon that was removed from Fallout 3, see Cryolator (Fallout 3).

The Cryolator is a unique weapon in Fallout 4.


The Cryolator was developed by the overseer of Vault 111 as a way to occupy time, waiting for the All-Clear signal from Vault-Tec that never came. Using chemicals and components readily available within the vault, the prototype was able to be completed, making cryogenic freezing available in a portable, on-demand form.[1] Conceptually, it is a flamer that shoots ice.


The weapon creates a cryogenic spray when fired that fades away at mid-range. Firing continuously at an enemy may freeze it solid and render it unable to move or attack for a period of time. More durable enemies will require a longer exposure, and some cannot be frozen at all. The Cryolator can chew up large amounts of (rather expensive) ammunition, so use it wisely.

The crystallizing barrel mod will convert the weapon into an automatic crystal shooter. This makes the weapon far more ammo-efficient, as well as granting additional benefits such as increased range, increased damage (crystals do ballistic as well as energy damage), and a very small AOE. However, the projectiles do not travel particularly quickly and suffer from a noticeable flight trajectory.

Weapon modifications

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Icon damage Icon attack Range change Icon spread Icon weight Icon merchant Components Base ID
Barrel Standard barrel Standard. Circuitry x2
Glass x3
Plastic x3
Screw x3
Steel x4
Crystallizing barrel Shoots cryogenic capsules. Superior range. Crystallized +20 Icon attack +132 +4 +5 +40 Adhesive x4
Circuitry x4
Fiber optics x3
Glass x3
Plastic x7
Screw x6
Steel x7
Stock Standard stock Better recoil. Adhesive x6
Plastic x2
Screw x8
Steel x13
Recoil compensating stock Exceptional recoil. Recoil compensated +6 +1.5 +45 Adhesive x6
Aluminum x11
Fiberglass x11
Rubber x1
Screw x8
Spring x6
Sights Standard sights Standard. Adhesive x1
Plastic x2
Steel x2
Glow sights Improved focus and better sighted accuracy. Glow-sighted +1 +17 Adhesive x3
Nuclear material x2
Plastic x3
Steel x3


Inside Vault 111, in a display case in the overseer's room behind a Master level lock. It cannot be picked up at the beginning of the game due to the inability to pick Master level locks before exiting the vault. Interaction with the case prompts a line from the Sole Survivor, saying that they will return for it later. An entry on the overseer's terminal in the same room can be found detailing the weapon and why it was built.


  • The Cryolator was supposed to appear in the final version of Fallout 3 but was cut out instead. The version of the Cryolator in Fallout 3 does look fairly different.
  • Cait may be able to unlock the case far earlier than the Sole Survivor can, granting early access to the weapon.
  • Dogmeat can be tasked with locating valuable items while standing near the Cryolator. When searching, he will almost always go for the Cryolator, as it is far more valuable than anything else in the vault. Dogmeat will clip through the casing and pull out the Cryolator, bringing it to the player character with his teeth, hassle free, without the use of bobby pins, and before even arriving in Concord.
    • This exploit is no longer possible on console, but still works on PC. Dogmeat will not retrieve the weapon unless commanded to go stand in the small room by the case the Cryolator lies in and then told to fetch when Dogmeat is in / locked in the room. [verification overdue]
  • In Fallout 4 VR, the player can simply reach through the case and pick up the Cryolator at the beginning of the game.
  • The Cryolator's weapon modifications do not require any levels in the Gun Nut or the Science! perks, making it easy to upgrade if it is obtained early in the game.
  • If a Cryolator is given the Freezing legendary effect, it will increase the weapon's energy damage by 19 points instead of 15 which the description states.


  • PCIcon pc If taking Dogmeat to Vault 111 and asking him to find useful items near the Cryolator, he will take it out for the Sole Survivor to use. The player character does not have to reach the required level (if ammo cannot be found, check Dogmeat's inventory). [verified]
  • PCIcon pc After a cleared area resets, enemies killed with the Cryolator may respawn lying on the ground, completely unable to move or attack. These enemies will be in this immobile state every time they respawn. [verified]
  • Xbox OneIcon xboxone The Cryolator's glow sight mod will appear in the players inventory as "Cryolater Glow Sights." This is most likely a typo or an error in the game's coding. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Even though it is classed as a Heavy Weapon it will not fit onto the Contraptions Heavy Weapons Stand nor will it fit on to the medium sized wall racks. [verified]





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