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This is a transcript for dialogue with Crutchley.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 CrutchleyHELLOS 003472DC Have you visited the helpful standouts yet?
2 003472DD Your CAMP is the key to survival and rebuilding, so use it often!
3 003472DE Oooh! Look who gets to "pack some heat"!
4 003472DF Please, make your way through the Vault to the exit. There's no time to waste.
5 003472E0 That's right, just keep moving, taking those critical goodies along the way.
6 003472E1 Reclamation Day! How exciting!
7 003472E2 That's right. Take your survival gear and build a new and better America!
8 003472E3 Come come! The country's not going to rebuild itself, after all!
9 003472E4 24 years since the "big one!" What's changed? What hasn't? So many questions!
10 003472E5 Oh, I do wish I could come with you, but someone's got to "man the fort" as it were.
11 003472E6 Each standout has gear for you to pick up and use. Limit one per resident!
12 003472E7 Remember, America's future is entirely in your hands! No pressure.
13 003472E8 If you find any other functioning Mister Handy units out there, do send my regards.
14 003472E9 Heck of party last night, eh sir? Good to see you all together one last time, drunk, joyous, and not staving off a horrible death minute by minute...
15 003C2FB6 Stay fed, stay hydrated! Very important!