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Haven't you heard enough of what's going on here to see that the Sorrows don't need to butcher the White Legs for a piece of land? What Joshua wants is more than an attack. He wants a slaughter. And he needs more than you and the Dead Horses to do it.Daniel

Crush the White Legs is a main quest in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Quick walkthrough[]

Honest Hearts main quest: Crush the White Legs 
Go with Joshua Graham to meet the attacking force at Three Marys
Meet with Joshua Graham and decide Salt-Upon-Wounds' fate. 
Leave Zion. 
Reward: Variable XP, A Light Shining in Darkness, Chalk's headdress, Daniel's hat, Daniel's outfit, Joshua Graham's armor, Salt-Upon-Wounds' helmet, Salt-Upon-Wounds' power fist, scripture 
Leads to: Departing Paradise 

Detailed walkthrough[]

The Courier must speak with Daniel and tell him that they wish to fight and wipe out the White Legs with Joshua Graham. Daniel initially expresses some anger at the decision and will hastily disagree with it. The Courier then appears at the Caterpillar's Mound with Joshua Graham and he will provide details of the situation, explaining that he, the Courier, and a combination of Sorrows and Dead Horse warriors will assault the White Legs encampment at Three Marys.

After talking to Joshua Graham, he joins the Courier and becomes a companion, providing the Way of the Canaanite perk. Fast traveling is disabled during this quest, so one will have to trek to Three Marys while fighting many White Legs along the way. They generally appear in groups of three at predetermined points.

The Courier must then follow the river southwest towards the Bend Bridge, continue along the river southeast towards the Virgin River, and keep going south. The entrance to Three Marys is just south of the Red Rapids docks along the river. After arriving, they must fight their way through to the center of the camp.

After reaching the Three Marys caverns, the White Legs will detonate mines from an above rock formation, blocking the direct way to the camp's center (this obstruction will not be cleared, even after the ending). Following this brief cutscene, Joshua will say that the assault is taking too long and they cannot let Salt-Upon-Wounds escape, and he will find another way around. While it is implied by his statement, there is no time limit to finish the assault. He then leaves the Courier and his follower perk is removed.

One must then go through the caverns to reach the other side of the blockade, reaching the innermost parts of the camp. After reaching the destination, a cutscene initiates with Joshua Graham executing two White Legs. He then makes a brief declaration to Salt-Upon-Wounds, mentioning the fall of New Canaan, Syracuse and Caesar's Legion. He also quotes the Bible, less now than before, and speaks in the language of the White Legs.

After this speech, Salt-Upon-Wounds will cry out to the Courier asking for help, claiming that they are the only one who will listen to reason. A choice can then be made to either talk to Joshua or fight Salt-Upon-Wounds. To talk Joshua out of executing Salt-Upon-Wounds, two high-level Speech checks must be passed. With a Speech level of 75, Joshua can be talked down enough to at least let Salt-Upon-Wounds fight back before he is executed. Passing this Speech check but failing the next one results in Salt-Upon-Wounds and two more White Legs attacking after dialogue is exited. With a Speech level of 90, the Courier can talk Joshua out of killing Salt-Upon-Wounds entirely. The ending received will be slightly different than if only one Speech check is passed. With the Sneering Imperialist perk, the Courier can dismissively tell Joshua to "put a cap in General Gobbledigook."[1]

After either killing or sparing Salt-Upon-Wounds, the ending cinematic plays, involving all of the appropriate choices that were made. After completing this quest, the player receives the O Daughter of Babylon achievement/trophy. Despite this being the staying option, Daniel, Joshua, Waking Cloud, Follows-Chalk, and White Bird will not remain in Zion. Their clothes and other ending gear (such as Joshua's scripture) can be found in the final footlocker, just before the Courier enters the southern passage to return to the Mojave Wasteland.

Quest stages[]

10 Locate the White Legs leader, Salt-Upon-Wounds, and deal with him.
30Quest finishedReturn to Daniel at the Narrows.


  • Despite being a companion, Joshua cannot be interacted with while he is in the party. He will simply decline with a variety of terse responses, such as "Sorry. That's not going to happen," or "Ha ha ha. I don't think so."
  • Upon starting this quest, all wildlife disappears from Zion Canyon until the quest is finished.
  • Once the quest has begun, fast travel is unavailable until completion.
  • It is not possible to save all the Dead Horses and Sorrows, due to some of their deaths being scripted.
  • Killing any Dead Horses or Sorrows will cause Joshua to become hostile, even while doing so "hidden."
  • Upon completion of this quest, White Legs will no longer spawn in Zion Canyon.
  • Sorrows and Dead Horse tribals can be seen executing captured White Legs as the player makes their way to Joshua and Salt-Upon-Wounds.


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If Joshua is too far behind the player when the rock detonation occurs, one may be notified that he has left the party and lost his perk, but he will not initiate the dialogue telling the player to look for another way around. When the player reaches Salt-Upon-Wounds, Joshua will not be there, and one will be unable to move or interact. The player can solve this by waiting for Joshua before entering the area and killing him, it will fail the quest but will activate a new one and one can fast travel and get the map to get out of Zion (the player will NOT get any of the items at the end but the save will be kept) or reload a save before Joshua leaves the player's party. On PC, there may be another possible workaround. Open the console and type tcl to toggle no-clip, then phase around the walls to bypass the point in which the cut-scene would activate. Speak directly to Salt-Upon-Wounds and agree to talk Joshua down, then pass the Speech checks to resolve the situation peacefully. Doing this will cause the quest to complete and initiate the ending.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 If one reloads the last autosave where they exited the Three Marys caverns immediately after killing Salt-Upon-Wounds while the end scene music is playing, it will continue to play throughout the battle leading up to the next confrontation with Salt-Upon-Wounds.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 When traversing the lower path instead of the upper path in the canyon, after a White Legs tribal is assassinated on the top cliff, they may turn ragdoll after hitting the ground and injure the player.[verified]
  • PCPC In some cases, if the player does not part ways with Waking Cloud before being transferred to Joshua, he will not start a dialogue with them, and one will be stuck, necessitating a previous save.[verified]
  • PCPC Sometimes, when Joshua leaves the player to move on ahead after the rock detonation, he leaves them his entire inventory, including his companion ammo. When this happens, at the end of the trail, there will be a scene where Joshua will kill some White Legs and confront Salt-Upon-Wounds, but he will not actually do anything because he has no ammo. In order to continue this scene, one needs to use the console on him and enter additem 00176e54 1. Or, use the console command enableplayercontrols to kill the two White Legs and then talk to Salt-Upon-Wounds.[verified]
  • PCPC A glitch can occur when after the cutscene that plays at the end of the Three Marys valley, Joshua will turn hostile, causing the quest to fail. The solution is to open the console as the screen fades from black, selecting Joshua and entering setav aggression 0. This will allow the final dialogue to take place as it normally should. Sometimes, Joshua will turn hostile before the scene has a chance to fade in, still causing the quest to fail. Manually save before reaching the cutscene marker, located just past the oven that can be seen on the right.[verified]



  1. Salt-Upon-Wounds: "Outman! Kuna-man mad! He kill all White Legs! You talk! You stop!"
    The Courier: "[Sneering Imperialist] Whatever. Joshua, put a cap in General Gobbledigook here."
    Salt-Upon-Wounds: "Baika-ker! You devil!"
    (Salt-Upon-Wounds' dialogue)
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