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Critical Savvy is a Luck-based perk in Fallout 76.


To equip this perk card, one must be at least level 44. At max rank, Critical Hits will only consume 55% of the critical meter.


Rank Description Form ID
1 Critical Hits now only consume 85% of your critical meter. 003E21E1
2 Critical Hits now only consume 70% of your critical meter. 003E21E2
3 Critical Hits now only consume 55% of your critical meter. 003E21E3


Besides perks that have group effects, perks can be selected to be shared among team members. Each player can only choose one perk to be shared at a time, and the selected perk can be changed at any time during gameplay. However, the player must have a Charisma point level that is at least three times the rank of the perk card that is to be shared, regardless of what SPECIAL attribute the shared perk card belongs to. Shared perk cards will not stack effects if duplicates are equipped or shared.