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This is a transcript for dialogue with Blake.


GREETING GREETING Happy 10 If you're looking to buy or sell, you've come to the right man. The Crimson Caravan Company has the widest selection in the wasteland. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey there. You looking to buy or sell? 2
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 See ya. 3
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic001 Show me what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Can do. 4
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic002 Contreras sent me for some medical supplies. Neutral 50 Here you go. Let him know he needs to make another payment if he wants more of this stuff. 5
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic003 Will do. Neutral 50 Need anything else? 6
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic004 Is there something special about these supplies? Neutral 50 Well, pain-killers are easy to come by, but it isn't easy finding iodine, allergy meds, and a few of these other items. Why do you ask? 7
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic005 Combining those with chemical cleaners would yield strong chems... Neutral 50 Really? Huh, never thought of that. The Crimson Caravan isn't really in the drug business. 8
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic006 Some of those could be combined with other chemicals to make drugs... Neutral 50 Really? Huh, never thought of that. The Crimson Caravan isn't really in the drug business. 9
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic009 McCarran needs a regular shipment of brahmin meat and spices for the mess hall. Neutral 50 Won't be a problem. We have plenty of spice traders working with us back home, and we could get meat from local Brahmin ranchers. 10
Neutral 50 The bigger issue is payment. To supply the camp with meat with cost some serious caps. 11
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic010 McCarran has plenty of caps to cover the shipment. They'll deal with the cost. Neutral 50 Excellent. We should be able to get the shipments started in about a week. 12
< Speech 70 >
Give them a deal on the price, you'll have the upper hand in future, more important negotiations. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Well, the Far Go Traders have been trying to edge us out on the new armor contract for the troops. This could swing things in our favor. 13
Neutral 50 All right, let McCarran know they should expect the first shipment in a week or so. 14
It's the NCR military. You can give them a deal, right? Neutral 50 [FAILED] This is business. I really can't cut them a deal on the cost. 15
< Barter 50 >
McCarran is overstocked with water and fresh vegetables. Arrange for a two for one trade. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] That should work. We'll do a weighted exchanged based on the going value of meat and vegetables. Water is invaluable in this dusty hole. 16
Neutral 50 Let McCarran know they should expect the first shipment in a week or so. 17
What's the problem? They have vegetables - trade them for that. Neutral 50 [FAILED] We don't need vegetables, and besides, they spoil. The meat you can dry and turn into jerky. 18
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic013 Can you answer some questions for me? Neutral 50 Maybe. What do you want to know? 19
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic015 Where does the Crimson Caravan Company get its merchandise? Neutral 50 Trade routes, my friend, trade routes. Just about every major town in the wasteland has a Crimson Caravan branch in it. 20
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic016 Do your caravans ever have trouble from bandits? Neutral 50 Out here, we usually split our caravans into smaller bands - that way, we don't lose everything if they get hit. 21
Neutral 50 It's not very efficient, though, but hopefully we'll be able to start running larger caravans once things get civilized. 22
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic017 Where are you from? Neutral 50 A little place in the NCR called Oak Creek. Used to be a farming town until it got taken over by ranchers. 23
Neutral 50 I didn't want to herd Brahmin for a living, so I signed on with the Crimson Caravan and headed east. Not much to tell, really. 24
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic018 Hmm. I'll be right back. Neutral 50 Okay, just let me know when you want to talk numbers. 25


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 See ya. 26