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This is a transcript for dialogue with Crimson.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You need something, sugar? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 What you want? {slurred, as "whatchoo want"} 2
GREETING Neutral 50 To tell you the truth, I'm glad that fool is dead. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Eulogy handles the business. 4
GREETING Anger 50 What? Do you see something you like? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Look, nothing personal, but if you need something, talk to the clown in the hat. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Keep staring and I'll start charging. 7
MQ07CrimsonDistractForgetIt Forget it. Neutral 50 Already forgotten. Now take a hike. 8
MQ07CrimsonDistractMoney There's 100 caps in it for you. Neutral 50 Oh yeah? 9
Neutral 50 Now that I think about it, Forty has been lookin' mighty fine lately. Workin' out extra. 10
Neutral 50 Maybe I'll go see if there's anything I can do for him. You keep this between me and you. Clear? 11
MQ07CrimsonDistractSPEECH You don't think he's a good-looking guy? I bet he could show you a good time. Neutral 50 Maybe he could. Maybe... 12
Neutral 50 Maybe I'll go see how he's doing. Maybe there's something I could do for him. 13
Neutral 50 You ain't gonna say a word 'bout this, right? 14
MQ07CrimsonTLDistractForty I think Forty could use some company. Neutral 50 Uh-huh. And what makes you think I give two shits about what Forty could use? 15
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 Don't matter how good a time he could show me. Eulogy'd have my head. I like my head where it is. 16


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 You'd better go before he sees you. 17
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Don't mind Eulogy. Daddy don't pay no attention to us. 18
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, uh... handsome? 19
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, handsome. 20
HELLO Neutral 50 I'm sure you have a great personality. 21
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, pretty. 22
HELLO Neutral 50 Crimson, did you hear what those fools were saying out in the yard? 23
HELLO Neutral 50 I can't believe that Mr. Eulogy let's those fools out in the yard talk like that! Did you hear what they said? 24
HELLO Neutral 50 I've got something to say to you, Mr. Eulogy. 25
HELLO Neutral 50 Listen, Mr. Eulogy. We have to talk. 26
MQ07CrimsonFortyConversation MQ07CrimsonFortyConversation Neutral 50 Come on, Forty. Let's go take a break. 27
MQ07CrimsonFortyConversation Neutral 50 Yeah, he might. Except he ain't gonna know nothing about it. Come on, I see the way you look at me. I can really give you something to look at. {seductive} 28
MQ07CrimsonFortyConversation Neutral 50 Oh, nothing. I was just sitting around, all bored and anxious, and thinking maybe I could find something to do. I mean, maybe we could. {seductive} 29
MQ07CrimsonFortyConversation Neutral 50 Hey there, sugar. Lonely night? {seductive} 30
PFTalkCloverCrimson2 PFTalkCloverCrimson2 Neutral 50 Why do you have to be like that? I'm just trying to talk to you and you have to come at me with that shit? 31
PFTalkCloverCrimson2 Neutral 50 Wha... bitch, you're lucky Eulogy protects your ass, or I'd leave you bleeding in the street. 32
PFTalkCloverCrimson4 PFTalkCloverCrimson4 Neutral 50 Eulogy cares about one thing: Eulogy. That's it. And the sooner your dumb ass realizes that, the better off we'll all be. 33
PFTalkCloverCrimson4 Neutral 50 Someday, you're going to realize that Eulogy don't give a shit about either of us. 34
PFTalkCloverCrimson4 Neutral 50 Dammit, I should have known better than to try and talk sense to you. 35
PFTalkCloverCrimson4 Neutral 50 I can't even talk to you. Get out of my face. 36
PFTalkCrimsonClover1 PFTalkCrimsonClover1 Neutral 50 Yeah, he don't look like much, though. Skin's all pasty, like he grew up in a Vault or something. 37
PFTalkCrimsonClover1 Neutral 50 Yeah, I've seen him. What about it? 38
PFTalkCrimsonClover1 Neutral 50 Yeah, she don't look like much, though. Skin's all pasty, like she grew up in a Vault or something. 39
PFTalkCrimsonClover1 Neutral 50 Yeah, I've seen her. What about it? 40
PFTalkCrimsonClover3 PFTalkCrimsonClover3 Neutral 50 Why do you always have to try to prove something to me? Do you think I care who Eulogy likes better? Seriously? 41
PFTalkCrimsonClover3 Neutral 50 Clover, I will smack the shit out of you. Can't you just shut up and leave me alone? 42
PFTalkCrimsonEulogyJones1 PFTalkCrimsonEulogyJones1 Neutral 50 I'm right here, Eulogy. There's no need to yell. 43
PFTalkCrimsonEulogyJones1 Neutral 50 Why do you have to yell all the time, Eulogy? I'm standing right here. 44
PFTalkCrimsonEulogyJones3 PFTalkCrimsonEulogyJones3 Neutral 50 <sigh> I'm sorry. 45
PFTalkCrimsonEulogyJones3 Neutral 50 <grumble> Sorry, Eulogy. 46
PFTalkCrimsonEulogyJones5 PFTalkCrimsonEulogyJones4 Neutral 50 I'm sorry... Mr. Eulogy. 47
PFTalkCrimsonEulogyJones4 Neutral 50 I'm sorry, Sir. 48
PFTalkCutterEulogyJones3 PFTalkCutterEulogyJones3 Neutral 50 Here's your cut. It's small. Maybe convince your boys to get hurt more and I'll be bringing more in. 49
PFTalkEulogyJonesCrimson2 PFTalkEulogyJonesCrimson2 Neutral 50 It's just that last week- 50
PFTalkEulogyJonesCrimson2 Neutral 50 I know, but you said that we'd- 51
PFTalkEulogyJonesCrimson4 PFTalkEulogyJonesCrimson4 Neutral 50 Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. 52