Crevasse Dam is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


Before the Great War, Crevasse Dam was suffering from safety issues despite a high dam integrity rating, which caused Harold Nowak to inspect the facility and its reports of exposed wiring and signage removal. Firing C. Hill raised the safety rating from 3/10 to 10/10.[1] Graffiti on the buildings' walls indicates some sort of raider presence after the war, though super mutants now occupy the location.


Crevasse Dam has two buildings in addition to the dam itself, which divides a river and a large lake connected to the Thunder Mountain power plant. There are a number of guard posts and old defenses set up around the location's perimeter, including several can chimes. Entering the western maintenance building from the parking lot opens to the ground floor with various machinery and shelves inside. There is a small room here with variable loot, and the office connects to a bathroom. Above it is another office area with a terminal and grenades to be taken. Following the catwalk upwards leads out to the roof, where, at the very top, there is a corpse sitting on a throne next to an ammo box on another guard post.

The other building, a water control station, is poorly lit and, aside from a few random weapons and a terminal, there is little of interest. Walking along the top of the dam itself provides a view of the waterways, while also having some junk items to loot.

Notable loot

  • Thanks Lenny - Holotape, on a desk in the main building.
  • Big rig trailer key - On a corpse sitting in a throne on the roof of the maintenance building.
  • Power armor chassis with raider power armor pieces - In the truck trailer beside the buildings with a level 2 lock (can also be opened with the big rig trailer key listed above).
  • Random magazine - In a waste paper basket on the second floor of the maintenance building.
  • Random Vault-Tec bobblehead - In a sink on the ground floor of the maintenance building, in the same room as the Thanks Lenny holotape.


Crevasse Dam appears only in Fallout 76.


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