Crescent Canyon east is the eastern entrance to a gully below a collapsed bridge south of Mojave Drive-in. It is populated by golden geckos and is strewn with radioactive waste barrels. A train (most likely carrying these radioactive waste barrels) can be found with half of its cars at the bottom of the canyon. This is the southern limit of normal exploration in the Fallout: New Vegas map.


Crescent Canyon east is the eastern side of a large crescent-moon-shaped canyon connecting with Crescent Canyon west, forming a natural barrier along the southern end of the map. The canyon is irradiated and the Courier may require anti-radiation items and apparel in order to explore it. At the east end of the canyon there is a hollowed-out rock at the bottom of the hill on the right.

Notable lootEdit


  • On top of the canyon, right where the train bridge has collapsed, the inaccessible side is noticeably a great distance above the other side. It is unknown how trains could get up such a steep slope.
  • On the north side of the railroad, after the train car, the road becomes a normal street/highway with no evidence of railroad tracks continuing on the other side or to have fallen down below.


Crescent Canyon east appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Crescent Canyon east is based on the real world location of Crescent Canyon, below Crescent Peak in the McCullough Range of the Mojave Desert.

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