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What? The hell with that. If anything out there's a god, it's the Megasloth. You seen that thing? Hell, I might just start a Cult of the Megasloth. Except we won't be complete nutjobs like those Mothman cultists. We could have rituals like drinking a beer with the Megasloth, or make sacrifices to it, you know? I got it! We could sacrifice those Mothman cult lunatics to the Megasloth! Hah! That's perfect! I think I'm onto something here..

Creed is a raider in Appalachia.


After their parents died, Creed and his younger sister Barb survived together in the wasteland keeping each other alive. Eventually, both of them joined the Raiders sometime before their return to Appalachia.

Creed is well known in the Crater as both a coward[1] and a pushover.[2] He once stole chems from Ae-Ri but admitted to being the thief after being asked only three times.[3] He also stole some tools from Caleb Fisher to fix up a power armor suit he found but gave them back after being grilled, with Fisher also confiscating the power armor.[4]

Creed views his sister affectionately, despite her tendency to snitch on him, although she has a poor opinion of her older brother. He also thinks of Axel as his best friend.[5] He dislikes Lev, after he made several passes towards his sister.[6]

He looks down on the Cult of the Mothman and the idea of the Mothman being a god, saying if there is a god, it is the Mega sloth. He says he would not mind starting a Cult of the Megasloth.

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From Russia With Lev


From Russia With Lev - Creed can be interrogated, but he ultimately is not the snitch and doesn't know where Lev is. If the player kills the snitch, Creed can be informed of it. He is a bit distraught and taken aback, but claims it had to be done for everyone's safety.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Survivalist's outfit Random ranged weapon


Creed appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

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  1. Vault Dweller: "What can you tell me about Creed?"
    Barb: "You want to know about my brother? Creed's a coward, always has been."
  2. Meg: "Creed's kind of a liar, but only up 'til a point. He's a major pushover. If you put enough pressure on him, he'll always buckle and come clean with the truth."
  3. Vault Dweller: "Why do you say he’s a coward?"
    Barb: "'Cause it's true. Just last week, he stole some chems from Ae-Ri's store. Instead of shutting up or pinning it on someone else, he caved after Ae-Ri asked him. Three times was all it took. Did you do it? No. Did you do it? No. Did you do it? Yes. I mean, that's not exactly how it went down, but might as well have been. What an idiot. Now he's paying her back and then some."
  4. Axel: "He recently "borrowed" some tools from Fisher. Now, Fisher's not a very confrontational kind of guy, but he kept grilling Creed about it, and Creed eventually told him everything. Turns out Creed was just trying to rebuild a suit of power armor he found. When Fisher found out, he took it to rebuild himself. Probably the right call. Creed would have wrecked it."
  5. Creed: "Axel? He's my best buddy. Is something wrong? Did he cover for Barb again and get himself into trouble? She doesn't deserve him."
  6. Vault Dweller: "Would she ever work for Lev?"
    Creed: "No way. That creepy old Russian used to make passes at her. It was ugly. Barb always used to complain about him, until I told Meg about it. Meg finally threatened his manhood with a shotgun and told him to step off. He backed down."