FO76 Player and tamed deathclaw

Creature taming is a gameplay mechanic in Fallout 76.


Creature taming allows players to tame a single specific creature, and then use it as a means to defend their C.A.M.P. alternative to traps and turrets.

Unlike previous iterations of taming, the creature in question cannot be controlled or directed like a traditional companion; once located at the player's camp, it will simply patrol and defend against hostile entities within a certain radius.

Due to the current lack of conclusive documentation, much of the information regarding creature taming is highly speculative and only information garnered from verified cases of successful tamings is added to this article.


Before going out to tame a creature, one should ensure they possess the following:

  • An unscoped firearm.
    • Neither scoped nor melee weapons can be used to pacify or tame animals.
    • Any weapon sight that does not use the scope overlay (body of the weapon itself is not visible, 'Hold Breath' prompt is present), such as a reflex sight, is safe to use.
  • The Animal Friend perk. Currently assumed to require rank 3.
    • A Charisma level of three is needed for rank 3 Animal Friend
    • Even though Wasteland Whisperer pacifies specific creatures, Animal Friend is necessary to tame them.
  • A deployed C.A.M.P. module with at least 10% capacity vacant.
    • Stored capacity does count, so it will need to be cleared before a creature can be tamed.
  • At least double the intended player character level one hopes to find the creature of.
    • Creatures may only be tamed if the player is twice or more of their level.

Tameable Creatures

At the moment, the following creatures are known to be tameable:

While some creatures can be pacified by Animal Friend, creatures that can be tamed are actually a part of a specific random encounter. The creature in question exhibits a few qualities that can help identify them as part of this encounter:

  • Is completely alone, usually notable for creatures that commonly spawn in groups or packs.
  • Patrols a small area without any external stimulus.
    • Traditionally spawning groups of enemies will usually wait for one another before moving as a whole.
  • Possesses reduced aggression or no aggression at all.
    • Usually hostile creatures will take some time to attack, while nonhostile will take some time to flee.
  • An unusual level difference from the player character.
    • For example, if a high-level character that has encountered high-level enemies scaled to their level in the immediate area suddenly finds a lower-leveled creature that fits the previously noted traits, it may very well be tameable.
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