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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gen1 synths.


1-000E6A37Destruction of fellow synth verified.
2Unit critically damaged - repairs impossible.
3Losses multiplying.
4An Institute synth has fallen.
5Fellow synth - destroyed.
6000E6A36You cannot remain undetected for long.
7Please reveal yourself.
8I recommend against hostile action.
9Sensors indicating concealed organic lifeform.
10Why are you hiding?
11Are you attempting an ambush?
12I am detecting stealth activity.
13000E6A35Hmm. Overactive sensors. Nothing more.
14The sensitivity of my sensors clearly needs adjustment.
15Appears to be nothing. Perhaps my sensors need calibration.
16I was in error. No enemy detected.
17Odd. My scanners must be malfunctioning.
18000E6A34There you are.
19I have detected you.
20It would appear your attempt at stealth has failed.
21I have found you.
22Your stealthy attack was unsuccessful. And now you must die.
23I knew you would reveal yourself.
24Attacking enemy.
25Engaging hostile life form.
26Attacking human.
27You must die now, human.
28By order of the Institute, you must be destroyed.
29You must be terminated.
30Combat initiated.
31000E6A33Where did you go?
32Stealth capabilities. Fascinating.
33It would appear my target has... disappeared.
34Gone? Hmm.
35000E6A32Humans. So fragile.
36A regrettable occurrence.
37No life signs detected.
38000E6A31Emergency alert.
39Unexpected termination.
40000E6A30I know you are still there.
41You cannot escape detection for long.
42I am equipped with the most advanced Institute sensors available. I will find you.
44Please come out.
45Now I understand. You are hiding because you fear death.
46000E6A2FFound you.
49Hello. Goodbye.
50There you are.
51000E6A2EIf they return, I will be ready.
52They were wise to flee.
53I am no longer detecting an enemy presence.
54Gone. Excellent.
56Is someone present?
57Movement detected? Curious.
58Hostile sensor reading detected.
59000E6A2BHmm? Contact detected? Possibly.
60Whoever, or whatever you are, I know you are out there.
61An enemy may be utilizing stealth. How interesting.
62Sensor anomaly detected.
63000E6A2AUpper limb actuator damaged.
64Arm actuator damaged.
65Arm damaged. Attack efficiency decreased.
66Critical arm wound sustained.
67Critical arm injury sustained.
68Primary sensor critically damaged.
69Head wound. Head wound.
70I have sustained a head wound. Perception impaired.
71Torso damaged.
72Chest injury sustained. Core systems damaged.
73Direct hit. Primary systems damaged.
74Lower limb actuator damaged.
75Leg actuator damaged.
76Leg damaged. Mobility decreased.
77Critical leg wound sustained.
78000E0C00Reverting to close quarters combat.
79Engaging at minimal distance.
80CQB protocol engaged.
81Distance closed. Engaging.
82Employing melee tactics.
83000E0BFFKellogg has ordered your termination.
84Directive received from Kellogg. Destroy intruder.
85Kellogg's secure facility - infiltrated. Termination - required.
86Initiate Directive Sigma Omicron - Protect Kellogg.
87Asset Kellogg - in danger. Defending.
88{MARK FOR RE-RECORD.} Intruder in Fort Hagen. Eliminating hostile.
89Fort Hagen is under Institute authority. Terminating intruder.
90Your termination is inevitable.
91I must end your existence.
92I regret any suffering you may incur.
93Please stand still.
94Your destruction is inevitable.
95Calculating most efficient attack.
96Targeting sensors fully operational.
97Commencing termination of organic life form.
98Targeting canine.
99Please lower your weapon.
100Terminating with extreme prejudice.
101Assessment - you must die.
102Combat subroutine - eliminating all hostiles.
103I will limit the pain I inflict, if possible.
104Terminating any hostile life form.
105Engaging an Institute synth is... foolish.
106You must be terrified.
108Combat initiated.
110Following Institute protocol. Eliminating hostile.
111Statistically speaking, your survival is... improbable.
112000E0BFDBegin tactical withdrawal.
113Fall back to secondary position.
114000E0BFA{Trails off into a malfunction} Systems offline...
115{The "down" trails off into a malfunction} Shutting down...
116{Trails off into a malfunction} Critical failure...
117000E0BF9I am damaged. Kellogg will not be pleased.
118I must report this assault directly to Kellogg.
119Sustaining damage.
120I am the victim of violence.
121Be warned: I cannot allow these attacks to continue.
122You are damaging valuable Institute property.
123Systems... damaged.
124Institute synth - damaged.
125I am under attack.
126Hit sustained. Assessing damage.
127I am hit.
128Are you sure you want to do that?
129Your attack cannot be tolerated.
130000AC8EF{Neutral} Compatriot expiration detected. Requesting reinforcements.
131{Neutral} Casualty detected. Additional forces required.
132{Neutral} Enemy resistance encountered. Reinforcements necessary.
133000A93D2{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Checkpoint secure.
134{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Checkpoint secure, ma'am.
135{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Location under Institute control.
136{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Checkpoint occupation complete. Initializing patrols.
137{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Area patrol in progress.
138{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Situation analysis finalized. No hostiles detected.
139{Robotic, matter-of-fact} All systems nominal.
140{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Operating at full capacity.
141{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Scanning... subject identified.
142{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Reporting status: all functions normal.
143{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Nothing to report, sir.
144{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Greetings, sir.
145{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Nothing to report, ma'am.
146{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Greetings, ma'am.
147{Robotic, matter-of-fact} Scanning unknown identity... clearance confirmed.