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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mister Handy.


1-000C15AD{loudly and fake cheerfully} It's just little old me. Nothing to be afraid of.
2{under his breath} Someone dirty and disreputable, I shouldn't wonder.
3{pretending to call a cat} Here kitty-kitty-kitty!
4{under his breath} As if I'd know what to do if I found something.
5{MARK FOR RE-RECORD. sarcastic, under his breath} Why not let the robot deal with it?
6{loudly, hoping that whoever is there will go away} I'm going to look over here now.
7000C15AC{sarcastic} Didn't you hear me coming? Now I have to fight you. Bloody fantastic.
8{wearily} Here we go again.
9{sarcastic} Oh good. I found you.
10{sarcastic} You must be bloody stupid if you can't hide from me.
11000C15ABOh, back to the usual daily tedium.
12Thought as much. Nothing there after all.
13Beastly nuisance. Glad that's done with.
14000C15AAJust what I was hoping for. Trundling around looking for something that wants to blow me to flinders.
15Must we play hide and seek now?
16{sarcastically -- hoping not to have to find anybody} Ready or not, here I come!
17That's a good start. Now just keep running and we'll call it even.
18000C15A9A little peace and quiet, at last.
19Well, that's it then.
20That's enough excitement for one day.
21000C1563Not very sporting of you.
22That's hardly Marquess of Queensberry rules, now is it?
23You'll pay for that, you cheeky bastard!
24000C1562Cheerio. Water under the bridge.
25000C155C*Gasp!* Murder!
26{heavy sigh at the beginning of the sentence} I suppose I'm going to have to do something about that.
27000C1559Why do I get all the hoodlums?
28Did you really need that?
29The class of people I'm forced to associate with these days just keeps falling.
30000C1523*Sigh.* Why must you humans always resort to violence?
31And who gets to clean up all this blood? Me, that's who...
32Oohh. Yesss... Let's all beat up on the robot...
33By God, if I had hands I'd strangle the life out of you!
34For Queen and country!
35You have insulted my honor, and for that, you must die!
36000C1522Do stand still!
37Have at thee!
38000C151BHow dare you, sir!
39How dare you, mum!
44Hello there.
45Good day to you.
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