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This is a transcript for dialogue with assaultron.


3Human on deck! Atten-SHUN!
4000C1678Accessing threat... Hostile is clear. Standing down.
5000C1677Friendly has gone rogue! Engaging!
6Unexpected assault! Defending!
7000C1676Running close quarters subroutine!
8Engaging at minimal distance!
9No quarter!
10000C1675Engaging target!
11{talking to herself, frustrated that she has to kill someone} Engaging hostile!
12Damn you warmongering humans!
13Running elimination subroutines!
14You are facing an Assaultron class combat robot. Death is inevitable.
15I have not been programmed to fail.
16Kilo, India, Lima, Lima!
17You are facing an Assaultron class combat robot. Death is inevitable.
18I have not been programmed to fail.
19Combat zone is hot!
20Running elimination subroutines!
21There's no way out of this!
22Stand down! Stand down!
23Analyzing hostile - calculating kill probability.
24Assaultron engaged!
25You humans. Pathetic.
26Damn you warmongering humans!
27Engaging the human!
28I am ordering you to stand down!
29I have been programmed to efficiently terminate human combatants.
30This fight is already over, human!
31Engaging target!
32{talking to herself, frustrated that she has to kill someone} Engaging hostile!
33Targeting canine threat!
34Dogs. I hate dogs.
35000C1672You are unauthorized to be.
36This area is restricted. Vacate the premises immediately.
37You there! Stop. Your presence is not authorized.
38Scanning for authorization. Authorization... denied.
39Sir, this is a restricted area. Vacate immediately.
40Ma'am, this is a restricted area. Vacate immediately.
41000C1671Deadly force detected! Reacting!
42Under attack!
43Hostiles in the AO!
44000C1670That was... foolish.
45000C166FSecurity breached. Engaging!
46Thief detected. Activating justice protocols!
47Unauthorized acquisition. Assessment - immediate termination.
48000C166E{Don't be alarmed if I try to kill you when I find you. It's just the way I've been programmed.} Reveal yourself!
49Area not secure. Repeat. Area NOT secure.
50Hostile in the zone. Alert level bravo.
52Assaultron class combat robot to unknown interloper - reveal yourself immediately!
53000C166DEngaging hostile!
56Weapons hot!
57000C166CStanding down.
58Resetting threat level.
59Negative sensor read. Weapons cold.
60Scanners clear.
61000C166BContact lost!
62Hostile has gone dark!
63Threat lost! Entering enhanced detection mode.
64Negative contact. Hostile utilizing stealth tactics.
65000C166ATarget down.
66Threat eliminated.
67Hostile down.
69Hostile is still in the engagement zone...
70Enemy presence still detected. AO is not secure.
71Enemy combatant! Reveal yourself! You are merely delaying the inevitable.
72{emphasis on "will"} Allocating additional power to sensors. The hostile will be detected and eliminated.
73000C1668Contact reacquired!
74Threat re-detected! Engaging!
75Enemy combatant re-acquired. Weapons free!
77000C1667Enemy has fled the combat zone. Standing down.
78Target lost.
79Area clear. Hostile activity ceased.
80Scanners reading 0 hostiles. AO is clear.
81000C1666Sensor alert. Anomaly detected.
82Scanners detecting sentient life. Alert level elevated.
83Perimeter movement detected. Possible stealth unit in the AO.
84000C1665We have a situation!
85AO compromised! Engaging!
86Ambush! Ambush! Defensive protocols engaged!
87Surprise contact! Engaging!


Dialogue assaultron encountered during Reunions.

88Site04_JabberingRobot001476CA{Broken robot, looping last inputs/messages} ...al signs. Alert: Critical...A1a
89{Broken robot, looping last inputs/messages} ..ention, assailant, ... your weapons imme...A2a
90{Broken robot, looping last inputs/messages} ... Known Mercenary ... Exercise Extr...A3a
91Site04_RobotConversation001476DAPlayer: What have we here?Error. System corrupt. I can't feel my legs.Player Default: This had to be Kellogg.A1a
92001476D9Player Default: This had to be Kellogg.Signature confirmed. Assailant: Kellogg. Known associate....Jabberbot: Assailant route tracked. Pursuit possible to Northwest.A1a
93001476D8Player Default: Just tell me where Kellogg went, tin can.Identity of assailant: Kellogg.Jabberbot: Assailant route tracked. Pursuit possible to Northwest.B1a
94001476D7Player Default: You really got taken apart.Critical systems non-functional. Hostile human... too powerful.Jabberbot: Assailant route tracked. Pursuit possible to Northwest.X1a
95001476D6Player Default: What happened here?Error: Operator deceased. Threat level Omega. He killed us.Jabberbot: Assailant route tracked. Pursuit possible to Northwest.Y1a
96001476CEPlayer Default: Signature confirmed. Assailant: Kellogg. Known associate....Assailant route tracked. Pursuit possible to Northwest.Companion: Robot broken. Kellogg did this?A1a