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Crazy Bitch is a Daughter of Hecate living with the Jackals in 2253.


Crazy Bitch is a knife specialist (bonus with knives) with an immunity to poison. She is in possession of a bag of unknown unsorted drugs from a raid in another town. In disgrace, Mother Hecate all but ignores her. She is looking for a way to redeem herself in Hecate's eyes. Being the camp whore, letting the men sleep with her and enjoying them fighting over her, she is egotistical, rough and crude in dealing with others (prefers to beat them over the head than be subtle). She hates the NCR soldiers. She looks Mexican.[1]

She "explained" to the Jackals that eating the flesh is the source of their fertility, and those that eat more are more likely to give birth more, and those who are less fertile must have eaten a person with a bad spirit.

Crazy Bitch doesn't want the Jackals to go into Boulder because it holds the poison of the old world, and she was angry when Larsen made peace with the Jackals without her permission.

Six months prior to the Prisoner's arrival, Jimmy T. was still travelling with the Jackals, Crazy Bitch didn't want him around so she talked up her own medicine and badmouthed Jimmy. Jimmy became increasingly concerned that she would have him sacrificed, so he took off one day on the back of Helen and Eddie's truck.[2][3]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Destroy the Jackals


Destroy the Jackals: Instead of destroying or driving them off, the Jackals can be convinced to leave. The Prisoner, under the right circumstances or by sneaking into the Jackal camp, can speak with Crazy Bitch and use Persuasion to get her to convince the Jackals to leave.[2][4]

Effects of the player's actions

Convincing Crazy Bitch to make the Jackals leave will stop all Jackals respawning, all Jackals will also need to leave all Boulder maps.[5]

Other interactions

  • The Prisoner can learn about Jackal culture by talking to Crazy Bitch.[2]
  • If the Prisoner is male, he can have sex with her.[4]


Apparel Weapon Other items
Robes knife 2x xander root
2x broc flower
healing powder


Crazy Bitch was going to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


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