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This is a transcript for dialogue with Crazy Wolfgang.

Topics Edit

CCAboutCaravans Tell me about your trade caravan. Happy 50 I scour the wasteland for the very best pieces of trash, the height of detritus, and the veritable pick of the litter. It's all valuable to someone. {Using flowery words to sell bullshit} 1
Happy 10 And I always make sure to make my rounds through Canterbury Commons. Their mayor, Roe, always has a place for a clever junkman like myself. 2
CCTrade I'm here to buy. Happy 50 Nothing but the highest quality leftovers, junk, and crap! 3
I'm here to buy. Happy 50 Crazy Wolfgang's got just what you need! Assuming you need the random junk that I've got. 4
CCTradeRepair Can you repair something for me? Happy 50 Let me see if I can't hammer this garbage into shape. 5
Can you repair something for me? Happy 50 Whatever you've got, I've got just the thing to fix it. 6
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Welcome, sir or madam, to Crazy Wolfgang's Traveling Junk Store! The Depot of Detritus, the Shop of Slop, and the Caravan of Crap! {Talking it up like a carnival huckster} 7
Happy 25 Now, what odds and ends can I, the Craziest of all possible Wolfgangs offer to you? 8
GREETING Happy 50 I hear you're the one who's so deeply invested in my junk. Not as deeply as me, of course, but who is, really? {Gleefully making crude innuendo} 9
Happy 50 I picked up some Stealth Boys the other day, and they seemed like just the way to thank you for your investment. Kudos! 10
GREETING Neutral 50 A friend with deep pockets is a friend indeed! Welcome to my shop! 11
GREETING Happy 50 Hey, hey! Looking to buy? 12

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 50 Good luck out there. And maybe next time, you'll find something interesting for me, huh? 13
I have to go now. Happy 50 See you out on the road, huh? 14
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Trading caps for crap, step right up! 15
HELLO Happy 50 Got some junk to unload? I'm buying! 16
HELLO Happy 50 Looking to make a trade? 17
HELLO Happy 50 Searching for that special something? 18
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