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The crater house is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Members of the Church of the Children of Atom have constructed a rickety shanty hamlet on top of an old, irradiated aircraft crash site.[1] A beacon was set at the Kingsport Lighthouse to guide cultists to this site, that they consider holy.[2]


The location is centered around the crashed remains of a Horizon Airlines airplane. A pool of water has collected in the middle, surrounded by makeshift homes, built with pieces of the wreckage. The elevated shantytown is moderately irradiated, dosing one with about 6 rads per second. The six structures are set up on walkways above the crater, whose waters are highly irradiated, peaking at 38 rads per second.

The southeastern shack contains a cooking station, terminal and booby-trapped steamer trunk, and the north-northeast shack contains a chemistry station. The location is filled with Children of Atom wielding radiation weapons. The terminal controls the two turrets and a spotlight.

Notable loot

  • Wasteland Survival Guide issue #2 - Found on the lower level of the shack to the west and slightly north. It is on the table with a lantern and caps stash.
  • Three live nuke mines - Planted around the outside edge of the crater.
  • Bottle message 1 - Trapped for Days - Behind the crater house, slightly east-northeast on the shore. Look for some barrels going from the crater house to Salem all the way from the shore. It can be found on the beach between the barrels and a log.

Related quests


When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at the edge of the crater.

Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "Livin' in a crater isn't my idea of "home sweet home.""
Codsworth "Ah yes, the moment I see a nuclear crater, I think, "Home, sweet home.""
Curie "So much devastation from the bombs."
Danse "Careful, that settlement could be sitting within a zone of potentially lethal radiation."
Deacon "Hold onto your geiger counter. Craters are the best."
John Hancock "Huh. Wouldn't expect this to be popular real estate."
Nick Valentine "I guess folks'll live anywhere."
Piper Wright "What kind of nuts would want to live in a blast crater? This kind, I guess."
Preston Garvey "Who would build a house in the middle of a crater? The rads down there must be lethal."
Robert MacCready "I would love to read the real estate brochure for this place."
X6-88 "Sheltering in a crater? Where's the sense in that?"


The crater house appears in Fallout 4.



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