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Cranberry Island supply shed is a location on Cranberry Island in 2287.


A small supply shed on the waterfront southeast of Cranberry Island Bog filled with crafting supplies. Some mirelurks spawn on the beach just outside the shed. The shed requires a key to enter, which can only be obtained by activating all three of the power generators on the island, thereby accessing the bunker at the bog.

A steamer trunk, suitcase, and other minor loot are scattered along the shore of the tiny island due south of the shed.

Notable loot

In addition to a steamer trunk, the following crafting supplies are found inside the shed:

These components respawn after a while, making the supply shed a very good source for rare materials such as adhesive, oil, ballistic fiber, and fiber optics.


Cranberry Island supply shed appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.