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Cranberry Island Bog is a farm on Cranberry Island in 2287.


The remnants of a pre-War family home still house the owners, who have turned feral. When the bombs fell, the members of the Gibbons family, including Frederick, Patrick, Steven and Victoria Gibbons, locked themselves in a bunker they had prepared. They became trapped after the machinery controlling the door malfunctioned.

If the bunker is opened, the family members will attack. Their complete story is found within letters left behind by the daughter of the bog's landowner. The letters are found in the three generators and bog location itself.


Semi-broken wooden walkways hover over the waterline, leading to an abandoned single-story house, and some generators and machinery. The water has some wild tarberries which can be harvested.

There is a powered door in the bog inside a cargo container that can be opened only by repairing three generators. Each generator can be located by following the power lines on the power poles from the cargo container to each generator.

One generator is located in the bog just northwest of the abandoned house. Another generator is located just to the east of the docks up on a ridge. The third generator is to the southwest of the bog down a path along the south coast. There is a map, detailing the locations of all generators, upstairs on a shelf in a building at Cranberry Island docks.

One will likely encounter wolves, radstags and yao guai as they make their way to the generators. Each generator is broken and a circuit box must be repaired before powering-on the breaker. Each requires different crafting materials, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats or Luck to repair successfully.

Notable loot


Cranberry Island Bog appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.