The Cranberry Bog treasure maps are a series of maps in Fallout 76. They lead to buried mounds hidden throughout the Cranberry Bog, all of which contain random valuable loot.


The notes can be found throughout Appalachia, as randomized, rare loot in containers or on the bodies of Boss creatures. The treasure maps lead to:

  • Map #01 leads to a creek/ditch east of the crossroads near Appalachian Antiques. Look for the remains of a bus where the road crosses a ditch.
  • Map #02 leads to the bridge over the trench that extends directly east from the base of the Ranger lookout.
  • Map #03 leads to a large, leafless three trunk tree next to a pond and a stump directly west/southwest of the Overgrown sundew grove.
  • Map #04 leads to the southern side of the base of the second monorail pylon north of Pylon V-13.


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