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If you find this note on my corpse, please take care of my cat. She doesn't deserve all this shit and she's not picky with food so you won't have to worry about her. Just give her some attention every now and then.

Craig is a settler at Skyline Drive: Entrance in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


Craig is a member of the Settlers from Foundation. In 2105, he led an expedition consisting of Miles, Rob, and Rebecca into Skyline Valley after seeing the giant storm which devastated the region, intending to see if anyone needed help. However, the group was attacked by the Lost, and became split up. Craig ran away to a small post at the entrance of Skyline Drive with his cat Catty, and has stayed there since in fear of further attack. He also wrote a memo for someone to take care of his cat in case he died.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character ignores combat and cannot be damaged.
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This character is involved in quests.


  • Into Lands Unknown: Craig can be met and talked to on the Vault Dwellers' journey into Skyline Valley, where he will explain his situation after initially confusing the Vault Dweller for a Lost.
  • Gather personal effects for Craig: Craig asks the Vault Dwellers to find and rescue his friends, or bring back their personal effects if they are dead (which they are), and mark each location with a signal flare for future recovery missions. The three personal effects are Miles' hat, found on top of a stone at the foot of the cliff at Makeout Point, with Miles' corpse above; Rob's journal, in a tunnel on the road south of Makeout Point, with Rob's corpse behind a nearby barrier; and Rebecca's holotags, at the entrance gate to the Dark Hollow Manor.


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Craig appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.