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This is a transcript for dialogue with Boone.


CraigBooneAreYouGoingToKillMe Are you going to try and kill me? Neutral 50 Not unless you give me a reason. 1
CraigBooneClosestToProof It was the closest to proof that there was. Anger 60 Goddamn it. This wasn't supposed to be a guess. He might not have done a goddamn thing. 2
It was the closest to proof that there was. Anger 60 Goddamn it. This wasn't supposed to be a guess. She might not have done a goddamn thing. 3
It was the closest to proof that there was. Anger 60 Get out. I don't ever want to see you here again. And you stay the hell away from me. 4
CraigBooneComeWithMe Come with me. Let's go after the Legion. Happy 10 You don't want to do that. 5
The culprit was obvious when all the pieces fell into place.
I deduced it with a simple process of elimination. Neutral 50 Well, that's about all the proof I could hope for, I guess. Here. This is all I can give. I think our dealings are done here. 6
CraigBooneDoAfterThis What will you do after this? Surprise 20 I don't know. I won't be staying, I know that. Don't see much point in anything right now, except hunting legionaries. 7
Happy 10 Maybe I'll wander, like you. 8
CraigBooneDoesntAffectMe I don't see how that affects me. Surprise 15 Wait. You just got into town. Maybe you shouldn't go. Not just yet. 9
CraigBooneFoundBillOfSale I found the bill of sale. Neutral 50 I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It'd be like them to keep paperwork. 10
Neutral 50 Here. This is all I can give. I think our dealings are done here. 11
CraigBooneFriendlyConversation Just making friendly conversation. Anger 20 I don't have friends here. 12
CraigBooneHowDoYouKnowShesDead How do you know your wife is dead? Anger 75 I know, all right? And that's all you need to know. 13
CraigBooneJustAHunch Just a hunch. Anger 50 You didn't have any proof? 14
CraigBooneKillMoreTogether We'll kill more with two of us. Neutral 50 Yeah. That might be true. And that's reason enough for me to take you up on it, I suppose. But this isn't gonna end well. 15
We'll kill more with two of us. Neutral 50 Fine. Let's get out of here. 16
CraigBooneLeaving I'm leaving. Anger 50 Don't come here again till it's over. 17
CraigBooneLookingAround Just looking around. Anger 20 There's nothing up here. 18
CraigBooneMeetingNewPeople I'm meeting new people. Anger 20 I think you'd better leave. 19
CraigBooneNo No. Anger 15 I don't know who you think you're kidding. I've lived here for more than a year. 20
Neutral 50 Anyway, I need someone I can trust, and you may be a liar, but you're also a stranger. And that's a start. 21
CraigBooneNotFromHere Well, I'm not from here. Surprise 15 No. No you're not, are you? Maybe you shouldn't go. Not just yet. 22
CraigBooneOnlyTrustStrangers You only trust strangers? Anger 15 I said it was a start. This town... nobody looks me straight in the eye anymore. 23
CraigBooneOutlaw Are you an outlaw now? Neutral 50 No. People die out there. Often enough that no one worries about blame. They're too anxious to forget it happened in the first place, I guess. 24
Happy 10 Besides. I was on break when it happened. 25
CraigBooneSeeWhatICanDo I'll see what I can do to help you out. Neutral 50 Good. I'll make it worth your while. And one more thing. We shouldn't speak again. Not until it's over. 26
Neutral 50 No one in town knows that I know what happened to my wife. Best they never know. Or the Legion will be after me next. 27
Snipers work better in pairs.
I thought snipers worked in teams. Neutral 50 Hnh. Yeah. Working on your own, you're a lot less effective. I've been there and paid for it. 28
Anger 10 But this isn't gonna end well. 29
His story didn't add up.
His story didn't add up. Anger 50 You didn't have any proof? 30
Her story didn't add up. Anger 50 You didn't have any proof? 31
CraigBooneTrackDownWife You're trying to track down your wife? Anger 20 My wife's dead. I want the son of a bitch who sold her. 32
CraigBooneVictimSpeechFail It was the, uh... the shifty eyes. Yeah. Dead give-away. Anger 50 No confession? No evidence? What good is that? 33
Expecting visitors?
Expecting visitors? Neutral 50 Yeah. I guess maybe I am. But not like you. 34
Neutral 50 Huh. Maybe it should've been you I was expecting all along. {to himself, grimly} 35
Neutral 50 Why are you here? 36
CraigBooneWantMeToDo What do you want me to do? Neutral 50 I want you to find something out for me. I don't know if there's anything to find, but I need someone to try. 37
Sad 50 My wife was taken from our home by Legion slavers one night while I was on watch. 38
Anger 25 They knew when to come and what route to take, and they only took Carla. Someone set it up. I don't know who. 39
I just wanted you to kill him.
I just wanted you to kill him. Anger 75 You sick bastard. You'd better be ready to join him. 40
I just wanted you to kill her. Anger 75 You sick bastard. You'd better be ready to join her. 41
CraigBooneWhatIfIFindThisPerson What do I do if I find this person? Neutral 50 Bring him out in front of the nest here while I'm on duty. I work nights. 42
Neutral 50 I'll give you my NCR beret to put on. It'll be our signal, so I know you're standing with him. 43
Neutral 50 And I'll take care of the rest. I need to do this myself. 44
CraigBooneWhatWasISupposedToDo What was I supposed to do again? Anger 40 Find out who had Carla kidnapped. Bring him out in front of the dinosaur while I'm working my shift. 45
Anger 40 Let me know it's him by putting on the beret I gave you. That's it. Now go on. 46
CraigBooneWhyIsThat Why is that? Neutral 50 I need someone I can trust. You're a stranger. That's a start. 47
CraigBooneWrongDinosaur I think I'm in the wrong place. Neutral 50 Yeah, looks that way. 48
CraigBooneYoureRight You're right. I don't. Neutral 50 You've done enough for me. What's coming next, that's something for me to deal with on my own. 49
FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder Neutral 50 All right. 50
It's time for us to part ways.
I think we should part ways for now, Boone. Neutral 50 If that's what you think. 51
On second thought, stick with me for a little longer.
Actually I changed my mind. Let's stick together. Neutral 50 Okay. 52
Yes, I'm sure.
Yeah, that's what I think. You should head back home. Neutral 50 All right. Guess I'll be around Novac for a while longer, until I figure out what I want to do with myself. See you around. 53
I'd like you to go back to the Lucky 38 for now.
I do. We'll meet up at the Lucky 38. Neutral 50 I'll make my way there. 54
I think we should travel together.
Let's travel together. Neutral 50 Huh. Well, let me know when there's room for me. 55
Let's travel together. Neutral 50 I'm ready when you are. 56
FollowersLetsGo Let's get going. Neutral 50 I've got your back. 57
FollowersOverburdened FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 Gonna be hard covering you when I can't move my legs. 58
FollowersTactics Let's talk about your tactics. Neutral 50 You wanna do something different? 59
FollowersTacticsCombat I want you to change your combat style. Neutral 50 If you think it'll help. 60
FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Neutral 50 I'm already doing that. 61
I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Neutral 50 Good. Makes things simple. 62
FollowersTacticsCombatEND Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 I'm listening. 63
FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYE That's all. Let's get going. Neutral 50 Right behind you. 64
FollowersTacticsCombatMelee Switch to a melee weapon. Neutral 50 Not my strong suit, but okay. 65
FollowersTacticsCombatPassive I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them. Neutral 50 I'm already doing that. 66
I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them. Neutral 50 I'll follow your lead. 67
FollowersTacticsCombatRanged I want you to use ranged weapons. Neutral 50 Yeah, you and me both. 68
FollowersTacticsDistance Let's talk about how close you're following me. Neutral 50 We can do that. 69
FollowersTacticsDistanceDefault Stay close to me. Neutral 50 Okay, I'll keep it tight. 70
FollowersTacticsDistanceEND Your distance is good. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 I'm listening. 71
FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE All right, you're good. Let's get out of here. Neutral 50 Let's go. 72
Keep your distance. Try to flank them.
Keep your distance. Neutral 50 That's what I do best. 73
FollowersTacticsEnd Enough about tactics. Neutral 50 All right. 74
FollowersTrade Let's trade equipment. Neutral 50 Fine by me. 75
FollowersWait Wait here. Neutral 50 I'll sit tight. 76
GREETING GREETING Anger 75 I've lost all respect for you. 77
GREETING Anger 75 If you're an enemy of the NCR, you're an enemy of mine. Get out of my sight. 78
GREETING Anger 50 Goddamn it! Don't sneak up on me like that. What do you want? 79
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey. You. You wandered into town recently, right? 80
GREETING Anger 50 Get the hell away! We're done talking. 81
GREETING Anger 35 You shouldn't be here. If people know we talked, they'll suspect you. 82
Neutral 50 And if whoever did this smells a rat, they'll have the Legion after both of us. 83
GREETING Sad 10 That's it, then. How did you know? 84
GREETING Anger 75 If there's one thing I won't tolerate, it's working with some dog of the Legion. You've got some explaining to do. 85
GREETING Anger 75 I told you I wouldn't work against the NCR. I meant it. 86
Anger 50 I'm out of here. 87
GREETING Disgust 35 Still helping the Legion. You're gonna get what's coming to you. I promise you that. 88
Anger 50 We're through working together. 89
GREETING Anger 50 Look, I know the NCR has problems, but I fought with those men. I'll be damned before I betray them. 90
Anger 50 This stops right now. 91
GREETING Sad 10 Yeah? 92
GREETING Neutral 50 No offense, but I need to focus on getting more rest when I'm off duty. I'm not sleeping so good. So now's not a good time. 93
Neutral 50 If you want to talk, catch me when I'm on duty. I'm up in the dinosaur after 9 pm. 94
GREETING Happy 10 Nice of you to show up. {Slightly Bitter} 95
GREETING Surprise 20 Is it time? 96
GREETING Neutral 50 Let's get out of this first. {not now I'm busy.} 97
GREETING Neutral 50 We take this boat, it's probably the last one we ever take. 98
Neutral 50 I'm ready for that. Are you? 99
GREETING Sad 15 We're near a Legion slave camp now. I've... been here before. 100
Anger 25 Let's get one thing straight. I see any crimson, I'm taking the shot. You don't like that, you're on your own. 101
GREETING Neutral 50 We're getting close to Nelson. Any closer, I'm shooting any legionary I see. Hope that's not a problem. 102
GREETING Surprise 20 Huh. We made it through after all. Not sure what to make of that. 103
GREETING Neutral 50 Mercy killing is expected of NCR snipers. The Legion likes to torture their prisoners within sight of NCR positions. 104
Neutral 50 We get called on to end it. I've had my share. Some of them, you think, maybe you could've gotten them out. 105
Anger 20 Maybe it's not the Legion that got them killed. Maybe it's your orders and you following them. 106
GREETING Happy 25 Caesar's dead. Bet he didn't see this coming when he was having his coffee this morning. {Wry} 107
Anger 15 Still. It's not gonna stop the Legion. Might not even slow them down. 108
GREETING Anger 20 Pisses me off that Legion slavers can just operate on NCR turf like that. 109
Neutral 50 If we hadn't caught up to them they'd probably have had a clear path to the river. No one to stop them. 110
Disgust 15 There should be patrols. Checkpoints. We got greedy, overstretched. Now our own territory isn't secure. 111
GREETING Neutral 50 Something's wrong. Got a group coming our way. Looks like a Legion raiding party. It's big. {Calm, but with gravity. Beat before "It's big."} 112
Surprise 20 Might be too big. Even for us. {Unsurprised at likely imminent death.} 113
Neutral 50 If you want out I won't blame you. But I'm going to stay. See if I can hold them off. 114
GREETING Surprise 20 Hey. I thought some more about what you said. I think maybe you're right. Maybe I should go to Bitter Springs. 115
Neutral 50 I don't know what I'm hoping to find there. 116
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey. I want to thank you for bringing me to Bitter Springs. Things seem... clearer now. 117
GREETING Neutral 50 We should get to the Hoover Dam. I don't want to miss this. 118
GREETING Happy 10 That guy Benny was a piece of work. 119
GREETING Surprise 15 A face-to-face meeting with House, huh? The NCR would kill to be in your shoes. 120
GREETING Happy 20 Sounds like it's gonna be an all-out war with the Legion soon. Maybe I should've re-enlisted after all. 121
GREETING Neutral 50 What is it? 122
PLAYERFIREWEAPON PLAYER FIRE WEAPON Neutral 50 What's your problem? 123
PLAYER FIRE WEAPON Neutral 50 Let me aim that for you next time. 124
PLAYERINIRONSITES PLAYER IN IRON SITES Neutral 50 How about I aim my gun at you for a while, see how you like it? {Hit the"my" and both "you"s} 125
PLAYER IN IRON SITES Neutral 50 You looking for trouble? {Hit the"my" and both "you"s} 126
PLAYERLAYMINE PLAYER LAY MINE Neutral 50 I'll watch my step. 127
PLAYER LAY MINE Neutral 50 Careful with that. {calmly} 128
PLAYER THROW GRENADE Neutral 50 Frag out! 130
VBooneCLAttack What are we waiting for? Neutral 50 Tell the truth... I think this is exactly what I've been waiting for. 131
VDialogueCraigBooneBSArrive VDialogueCraigBooneBSArrive Neutral 50 This is the place. We got sent from Camp Golf, looking for some Khans who'd been making trouble with one of our settlements. 132
Neutral 50 I guess one of the settlers was connected, because we sent everything we had. We figured this was a gang hideout, but... they'd led us to their home. 133
Neutral 50 There's a ridge called Coyote Tail on the south side. That's where we set up. 134
VDialogueCraigBooneBSCemetery VDialogueCraigBooneBSCemetery Disgust 25 Christ. They put the graveyard here. 135
VDialogueCraigBooneBSReadyToStay We can stay on Coyote Tail Ridge for the night. Neutral 50 Let's go {slight emph} up there first, huh? 136
VDialogueCraigBooneBSRidgeArrive VDialogueCraigBooneBSRidgeArrive Neutral 50 Canyon 37. That's what the NCR calls the pass down there. 137
Neutral 50 It was the Khans' only escape, so we set up here to guard it while the main force attacked from the front. 138
Neutral 50 Standing orders were to shoot on sight. 139
VDialogueCraigBooneBSWake VDialogueCraigBooneBSWake Neutral 50 Something's wrong. Got a group coming our way. Looks like a Legion raiding party. It's big. {Calm, but with gravity. Beat before "It's big."} 140
Neutral 50 It might be too big. {Unsurprised at likely imminent death.} 141
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic000 If you're looking for someone in particular, I could tip you off if I see them. Surprise 15 [SUCCEEDED] Yeah, well, you see anybody wearing Legion crimson or a lot of sports equipment, you just let me know. 142
Neutral 50 You still haven't answered my question. 143
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic001 Who were you looking for? Come on, you can tell me. Please? Anger 50 [FAILED] Drop it. Now why the hell are you here? 144
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic002 What is it you aren't telling me about what happened to your wife? Anger 60 {icy} You got no right asking me that. Drop it. 145
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic003 I don't feel like I can trust you. Anger 20 That goes both ways. I joined up with you to kill legionaries. Sooner we get back to that, sooner we can have an understanding. 146
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic004 I want to understand you better. Surprise 15 You don't know what you're asking. Just... let it go for now. 147
I want to understand you better. Anger 10 The Legion's the only thing I want on my mind right now. 148
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic005 You're right. I was out of line. Sad 30 {Sighs} It's just something I'm not ready to discuss. With you or anybody. 149
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic006 I think it's time you told me what happened to your wife. Anger 25 I don't see what this helps. She's dead. 150
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic007 You're hiding something. Spit it out. You owe me. Anger 40 {Touchy} Fine. How do I know she's dead? Here it is. 151
You're hiding something. Spit it out. You owe me. Anger 10 She... I tracked her down. Southeast, near the river. They were selling her. Saw it through my scope. {Remembering a horrible scene. Disgust on "they were selling her."} 152
Disgust 15 Whole place swarming with Legion. Hundreds of them. Bidding for things no man has a right to. {Remembering a horrible scene.} 153
Sad 20 I just had my rifle with me. Just me, against all of them, so... I took the shot. {Defeated, bitter. Very slightly choked up at the end - he's talking about mercy-killing his wife.} 154
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic008 The better we understand each other, the more effective we'll be. Neutral 50 {Sighs} All right. {Solemn, giving in.} 155
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic010 Better for her to die than live a Legion slave. Anger 15 Yeah. What they do to women... that's worse than death. There was no choice in what I did. 156
Sad 25 It was more like... being forced to watch something you can't stop. 157
Better for her to die than live a Legion slave. Neutral 50 All this was only ever going to play out one way. It still is. I don't have any say. All I can do is wait for it to be done with me. 158
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic011 You should've tried to rescue her. Even if it meant your death. Sad 20 There was never any saving her. They'd have taken her where I couldn't follow. What I did... that was the only rescue. 159
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic012 You had no right to make that decision. Disgust 20 There was no decision. I was meant to pull that trigger. It was a mistake to think I could escape it. 160
Anger 20 You take out a debt, it's only a matter of time before someone comes collecting. Things just finally caught up with me. 161
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic013 You make it sound like your wife's death was inevitable. Sad 15 It was gonna be something. If I'd never met Carla, it would've been something else. I should've never gotten close to her. 162
Neutral 50 I've got bad things coming to me. You'd better keep your distance, too. 163
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic014 Why do you think you've got bad things coming? Sad 15 {Sighs} Because fair is fair. {Grim} 164
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic015 I don't understand. Happy 10 Better that you don't. 165
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic016 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 All right. 166
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic017 You're not going to tell me? Neutral 50 No. Sorry. 167
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic018 Were you at Bitter Springs with First Recon? Neutral 50 I was in a lot of places with First Recon. I don't really remember. 168
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic019 You must've been at Bitter Springs. What happened there? Neutral 50 That part of my life is over now. So is this discussion. 169
You must've been at Bitter Springs. What happened there? Neutral 50 {Sardonic} We won. 170
You must've been at Bitter Springs. What happened there? Neutral 50 {Sighs} There was a... miscommunication. 171
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic020 That's it? You won? Neutral 50 Look, we've done some traveling together, but we're not exactly comrades-in-arms. I'm not ready to swap war stories. 172
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic021 I've seen my share of terrible things. You can talk to me about it. Neutral 50 Maybe some other time. 173
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic022 How can you say that? We've been fighting together. Neutral 50 {Pointed} Your enemies, or mine? 174
How can you say that? We've been fighting together. Neutral 50 True. It's a start. 175
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic024 You want me to make good on my promise to fight the Legion with you, is that it? Neutral 50 I don't know. Couldn't hurt. 176
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic025 Sounded like more of a massacre. Neutral 50 Yeah. I guess that'd be the word. 177
Sounded like more of a massacre. Neutral 50 We did what we were there to do. Lot of people got killed. That's war. 178
Neutral 50 Maybe looking back you'd do things differently, but that's not how it works. 179
Neutral 50 In the field, you hesitate, you or someone you care about will die. They teach that from day one. 180
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic026 Must've been one hell of a miscommunication. Neutral 50 Yeah, well. That's how they wrote it up in the report. 181
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic027 There must be more to it than that. Neutral 50 Not as much as you'd think. 182
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic028 Sounds like you have some regrets. Neutral 50 You don't come out of a tour of duty without regrets. It's best just not to think about it. 183
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic029 That's true. You can't second guess what you do out there. Neutral 50 It doesn't lead anywhere that does any good. I know that much. 184
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic030 Being a mindless drone is just as dangerous. You have to think for yourself. Neutral 50 Not much hope either way, is there? 185
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic031 It is because of Bitter Springs that you think you've got bad things coming? Neutral 50 Life has a way of punishing you for the mistakes you make. 186
Neutral 50 Big enough mistake, punishment can take a while. 187
Neutral 50 Mine's not over. 188
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic032 Maybe you can make up for your mistakes. Neutral 50 A murderer who does good deeds is still a murderer. And he'll still get his judgment. 189
Neutral 50 I left the NCR when my tour was up. Had enough of war. Decided I was gonna start over. 190
Neutral 50 None of it made a difference in the end. 191
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic033 Life doesn't work that way. Your misfortunes are just bad luck. Neutral 50 That's what they tell you in the casinos, too. Because it's the only way to get you to buy back in. 192
Neutral 50 If people knew the truth, that something's watching you, waiting to take it all away from you, and it never loses... 193
Neutral 50 That's all it's doing now. Waiting for me to buy back in. 194
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic034 If it's out of your control, why worry about it? Neutral 50 Yeah, that's what I thought, too. 195
Neutral 50 But it's not so easy when you know it's coming for you. 196
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic035 How do you know your punishment isn't over? Neutral 50 Because I'm still alive. 197
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic036 Do you think about Bitter Springs a lot? Neutral 50 Yeah. Always. Even when I sleep. 198
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic037 Maybe it would help to go back there. Neutral 50 I don't think so. It won't change anything. And that's a memory I don't want refreshed. 199
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic038 What changed your mind? Neutral 50 Nothing. Dream. Just tired of thinking about it. 200
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic039 Okay. We'll make it a point to stop there. Neutral 50 I hope this isn't a mistake. 201
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic040 I don't really have time for this now, Boone. Neutral 50 {Embarrassed} Yeah. Yeah, I guess not. Forget I brought it up. 202
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic041 Not my problem. You want to go? You're on your own. Anger 50 {Irked} You're the one who suggested it. 203
Neutral 50 Fine. If I'm on my own I'm on my own. But I'm gonna go. 204
Neutral 50 Good working with you. 205
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic042 I'm ready to go to Bitter Springs. Neutral 50 All right. Let's head out, then. 206
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic043 What happened? Neutral 50 Main force got spotted too soon. We heard shooting. Then Khans started coming through Canyon 37 in bunches. 207
Neutral 50 It was all wrong, though. Women, kids, elderly. Wounded started coming through, too. 208
Neutral 50 We radioed to confirm our orders but command didn't get what we were seeing. They told us to shoot till we were out of ammo. So that's what we did. 209
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic044 I'm not interested in your stories. Neutral 50 Yeah, I guess not. 210
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic045 You did what you were supposed to as a soldier. Neutral 50 Yeah, well. I'm not a soldier anymore. Those rules don't seem like much of an excuse now. 211
You did what you were supposed to as a soldier. Neutral 50 Anyway... I don't know why we're here. Thought maybe it'd help me see things better. 212
Neutral 50 I'd like to stay here for the night. Think some things over. 213
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic046 That's not what I would've done at all. Neutral 50 Maybe not. Maybe I wouldn't have either at one point. But that's why they train you. Break you down till you're automatic. 214
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic047 How could you kill innocent people like that? Neutral 50 With the Khans, any of them can be dangerous. There's a lot you can't see through a scope. 215
Neutral 50 Still. I often wonder the same thing. 216
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic048 Let's get out of here. Let them have Bitter Springs. Neutral 50 You can do what you want, but I'm not going anywhere. 217
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic049 Your only mistake was not bringing enough ammo. Neutral 50 No. I only would've needed one bullet to do things right that day. 218
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic050 We can do that. Neutral 50 All right. We won't stay for long. 219
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic051 I'd prefer not to right now. Neutral 50 Fine, but I'd still like to when we get a chance. 220
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic052 Why would they come to Bitter Springs? Neutral 50 Easy target for grabbing slaves. Bunch of refugees, just a few soldiers defending it. 221
Neutral 50 I don't think they're here for us. Too bad. Would've made me feel good about myself. 222
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic053 Good. Saves us the trouble of finding them. Neutral 50 Ha! If only it was this easy all the time. 223
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic054 You don't sound surprised. Neutral 50 I'm not. Always figured this was how it was gonna end for me. Just didn't know when. 224
Neutral 50 That day you showed up in Novac, I had a feeling I was supposed to go with you. That it was time to end all this. 225
Neutral 50 And now I know. 226
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic055 Why aren't you sure? Neutral 50 Thought my time had come. For a minute there everything made sense. I could feel the end coming. I was ready for it. 227
Neutral 50 Now... I'm back where I was. 228
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic056 You underestimated us. Neutral 50 Guess I did. Guess I figured whatever we could handle, this time the Legion was going to send more. 229
Neutral 50 I should've died here a long time ago. When I spotted the legionaries today I thought I understood. Things were finally going to even out. 230
Neutral 50 But I'm still here and nothing's changed. 231
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic057 You can't take back what you've done. But your regrets can set you on a better path. Neutral 50 I guess they brought us here. One less Legion raiding party running loose now. Never a bad thing, you can take my word for that. {Hit "here."} 232
Neutral 50 Still feels like I'm living on borrowed time. But I don't see any reason not to take a lot more of those sons of bitches with me. 233
Neutral 50 You got a point. There's still some things I can do before all this is over. 234
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic058 I wasn't going to let you die. Neutral 50 I don't mean disrespect. It's a hell of a thing having someone with your ability looking out for me. 235
Neutral 50 But I've come to believe that there are things nobody can stop. I thought for sure that's what we'd finally come up against today. 236
Neutral 50 It would've made sense for things to end here. But now... I'm still waiting. 237
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic059 Maybe it's just not your time yet. Neutral 50 <Sighs> Goddamn it. It's like I'm being toyed with. 238
Maybe it's just not your time yet. Neutral 50 I don't know what I'm supposed to do about all this. {Lost.} 239
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic060 No one is judging or punishing you. Things just happen. Neutral 50 If that's how it is, there's not a lot of comfort in knowing it. 240
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic061 Having to live with what you've done is your punishment. Neutral 50 I never thought of it that way. Always expected something... more final. But maybe it is. {Not an encouraging thought.} 241
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic062 Get over it. It's war. People die. Why should it matter whether they're soldiers or civilians? Neutral 50 With the Khans, the only difference between a soldier and a civilian is that the civilian is more likely to miss when he shoots at you. 242
Neutral 50 {searching} Maybe Bitter Springs just seemed different. {then, going ice cold} Maybe it's the same as killing legionaries. {Hit "seemed."} 243
Neutral 50 They'd have died whether or not they were soldiers. Whether or not I was there. And my leaving the NCR hasn't stopped any wars or saved any lives. 244
Neutral 50 There's no controlling war. No sense regretting what you can't stop. 245
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic063 What outfit did you serve in the military with? Neutral 50 First NCR Recon. It's a sniper battalion. Sees a lot of action. 246
Neutral 50 They moved us around a lot. I was stationed at Camp Golf for a while. Last I heard they were at Camp McCarran. 247
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic064 How did you happen to join First Recon? Neutral 50 They pick you out if you do well at the firing range. Pays a little better, so I said okay. 248
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic065 What's the slogan? Neutral 50 The last thing you never see. 249
Neutral 50 Pretty accurate, and so were we. {Said with a little smile.} 250
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic066 Is that a First Recon beret? Neutral 50 Yeah. You can tell by the patch. Bear skull with crossed rifles behind it. Slogan underneath. 251
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic067 Tell me about Camp McCarran. Neutral 50 Was an airport before the war. Command liked it because it was already fortified and it let them keep an eye on the Strip. 252
Neutral 50 They've got an old monorail that still runs between them. Used mostly for supplies and deployment. But if you get leave you're allowed to go gamble. 253
Neutral 50 Was General Oliver's post, but I heard he's been up at the Dam a lot lately. Guessing Colonel Hsu is running it. {Hsu = "Shoe"} 254
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic068 What was Camp Golf like? Neutral 50 It was on the front line for a while. Only resort in New Vegas no one wanted to get sent to. 255
Neutral 50 Doesn't have that kind of importance anymore, though. They pulled most of the troops out of there after we took the Hoover Dam. 256
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic069 What do you think of General Oliver? Neutral 50 Didn't know him. He's a signature on my discharge papers. 257
Neutral 50 Wasn't real popular, though. Even overheard my C.O. complain about him once. 258
Neutral 50 General Wait-and-see, he called him. 259
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic070 Do you know Colonel Hsu at all? Neutral 50 Yeah. He introduced himself to me once. I shook his hand. Doubt he'd remember me now, though. 260
Neutral 50 When he looked at you, you could see he understood. After some of the things we'd seen, that meant something. 261
Neutral 50 What I heard, he'd be a general right now if Oliver didn't know the president. 262
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic071 The Dam? Neutral 50 The big one. The one the NCR is trying to hold onto, that the Legion's pushing for. Whole war depends on holding it. 263
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic072 Don't worry, I'm not going in there right now. Neutral 50 Okay. But let's make sure and come back here. I'd love to wipe this place off the map. 264
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic073 As long as you don't mind me joining the fun. Happy 35 I don't think I'd hold it against you. {Wry.} 265
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic074 I don't want any trouble. We should part ways for now. Neutral 50 Fine. But if you make any new friends in there, all bets are off. 266
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic075 Yes, but you're not coming with me. Neutral 50 You're making a mistake. I want to be a part of this. 267
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic076 No, I'm not going in right now. Neutral 50 You ever change your mind, I'll be right there with you. 268
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic077 I'm ready. Caesar won't know what hit him. Neutral 50 That's what the scope's for. {wry} 269
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic078 No, that's not a problem. That's a solution. Neutral 50 Damn right. You and I, we're just a couple of problem solvers. 270
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic079 I'm not ready to attack it. We'll keep our distance. Neutral 50 If you're sure. There's a lot of high ground around the town. We could do a lot of damage. 271
Neutral 50 Just saying. {Antsy.} 272
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic080 That's not how I want to approach this. You'd better go your own way for now. Neutral 50 Better be a good reason. I didn't join up with you to go on nature walks. 273
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic081 I'm going to do this my way. I can't bring you. Neutral 50 {Bitter} You say so. 274
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic082 All right, come along. Neutral 50 You'll be glad you did this. I'm gonna put a hole through Caesar's head. 275
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic083 Still feels pretty good, though, doesn't it? Happy 35 Heh. Yeah. That was some kind of stunt we pulled. 276
Still feels pretty good, though, doesn't it? Neutral 50 Whatever happens from here on out, we killed that prick in the middle of his fortress. 277
Neutral 50 Ought to give the rest of them something to think about. 278
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic084 Why wouldn't this stop the Legion? Neutral 50 Intel we had back in the NCR said they had a whole succession lined up. They'll replace him as soon as word gets out. 279
Neutral 50 The other thing I heard is that he wasn't really commanding the army anymore. Guess we made sure of that. 280
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic085 That just means we've got more work to do. Neutral 50 Yeah, it does. But we got these bastards pretty good today. 281
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic086 I'm infiltrating the organization. I have to gain their trust. Neutral 50 If you want me to stick around, that ends now. I don't care what the reasons are, I will not help the Legion. Ever. Got it? 282
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic087 I'm... uh... helping them so I can spy on them better. Neutral 50 Bullshit. You're a goddamned coward, trying to pick the winning side. 283
Neutral 50 We will never work together again. 284
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic089 Things have changed. I'm with Caesar now. Neutral 50 Then this is over. Next time I see you, it'll be through my scope. 285
Neutral 50 Any Legion with you and I'm pulling the trigger. 286
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic090 [Attack] I won't be needing your services any longer. Neutral 50 I should never have trusted you. 287
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic091 Very well. You have my word. Neutral 50 All right. But we'd better not have to have this talk again. 288
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic092 Sorry. I won't compromise my mission. Neutral 50 Then we're finished here. 289
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic093 Then we can't work together anymore. Neutral 50 I should never have worked with you in the first place. 290
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic094 All right. I won't do anything else to hurt the NCR. Neutral 50 You're right. You won't. {Threatening} 291
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic095 [Attack] You're less trouble to me dead than alive. Neutral 50 Good thing I'm still alive, then. 292
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic096 Tell me about yourself. Neutral 50 If you want. It's not really my thing. What do you want to know? 293
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic097 What's the best way for me to use your skills? Neutral 50 Give me my rifle and a clear line of sight and I'll start picking them off before they've even seen me. 294
Neutral 50 Didn't have much hand-to-hand training, so our chances are better if you keep the enemy out of my face. 295
Neutral 50 I'm trained as a spotter, too. If you're looking through a scope, I can find your targets for you. 296
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic098 Ever take that beret off? Neutral 50 No. 297
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic099 How do you feel about Manny Vargas? Neutral 50 Don't ever say that name again. 298
How do you feel about Manny Vargas? Neutral 50 He was a good spotter. 299
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic100 Weren't you also friends? Neutral 50 Yeah. We were. 300
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic101 Not anymore? Neutral 50 No. 301
Not anymore? Neutral 50 When Carla went missing he was the first person I told. 302
Neutral 50 He tried to hide it, but I could tell right away. He was glad. 303
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic102 I have another question about you. Neutral 50 Sure. {Whatever.} 304
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic103 Tell me about your wife. Neutral 50 Carla's dead. That's all you need to know. 305
Tell me about your wife. Neutral 50 I met Carla while I was at the Strip on leave. She said I looked lost. 306
Neutral 50 She talked a lot. Suited me fine - I never know what to say. And listening to her, it could... make you forget. 307
Neutral 50 She stuck out, pretty much everywhere we went. Like she was from a different time. A better time. I never met anyone like her. 308
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic104 Did you ever tell your wife about what happened at Bitter Springs? Neutral 50 No. I wanted to. I just couldn't. 309
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic105 Have you heard of Mr. House? Neutral 50 Yeah. I don't know much. Just rumors. 310
Neutral 50 All I know is he's supposed to be in charge of the Strip. And he's been able to stop the NCR from taking it over. 311
Neutral 50 Wish he'd give it up, so the NCR could focus on securing the border. 312
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic106 I had some questions I wanted to ask you. Neutral 50 Okay. 313
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic107 Does the name Benny mean anything to you? Neutral 50 No. It doesn't. 314
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic108 What can you tell me about New Vegas? Neutral 50 It's NCR land, for the most part. We tamed it, now we're settling it. 315
Neutral 50 Lot of people complain about it, but they forget what it was like before we showed up. 316
Neutral 50 It's a lot of territory to secure. Too much, even for a big army like the NCR's. 317
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic109 How do you feel about the NCR? Neutral 50 Coming east was about securing the land, so people could live without fear. 318
Neutral 50 It's not always that simple. But I think the cause is still right. 319
Neutral 50 And God help us if they lose. 320
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic110 Any thoughts about Caesar's Legion? Neutral 50 Yeah. Lots of thoughts. All about the best ways to kill them. 321
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic113 Not yet. Neutral 50 Well, let me know when it is. 322
VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic114 I changed my mind. This is something we should confront together. Neutral 50 No. This is something for {emph} me to deal with. But I'm glad you're here. 323
VEndingBoone VEndingBoone Neutral 50 {Narration} Tired of waiting for the world to be done with him, Boone ventured into the wastes to make his own way out. 324
Neutral 50 {Narration} Unable to clear his mind of the past, he was at last granted the death he'd awaited, bringing final rest to a life that had ended long ago. 325
VEndingBoone Neutral 50 {Narration} As the Battle of Hoover Dam ended, Boone confirmed what he had always suspected - that revenge would never quiet his troubled mind. 326
Neutral 50 {Narration} Side arm in hand, he journeyed back to California in search of the NCR officer who had led the attack on Bitter Springs. 327
Neutral 50 {Narration} There, with only two bullets loaded, Boone did the only thing he believed would put an end to his suffering. 328
VEndingBoone Neutral 50 {Narration} Looking for a place where he could be of some use, Boone found himself re-enlisting with his old unit. 329
Neutral 50 {Narration} Though his regrets remained in his thoughts, they coalesced into a purpose, and Boone embraced it. 330
Neutral 50 {Narration} He spent his leave time hunting down slavers in the desert, his First Recon beret the last thing they never saw. 331
VEndingBoone Neutral 50 {Narration} Though NCR was withdrawing from the region, Boone remained in New Vegas, finding work as a security guard and caravan scout along the highways. 332
Neutral 50 {Narration} While he might've preferred rejoining his old unit, Boone couldn't bring himself to abandon the city where he'd met his wife. 333
VEndingBoone Neutral 50 {Narration} Boone refused to take the Legion's victory lying down. 334
Neutral 50 {Narration} Heading to the hills with his rifle, he began a deadly campaign against high-ranking Legion officers. 335
Neutral 50 {Narration} And though the price on his head rose to levels unheard of, few pursued it, fearing it would be the last thing they'd never see. 336
VEndingBoone Neutral 50 {Narration} No longer held in check by his conscience, Boone found lucrative work as a mercenary and assassin. 337
Neutral 50 {Narration} No job was too violent, no target too innocent. As long as the caps were good, Boone would take the job. 338
VEndingBoone Neutral 50 {Narration} Driven mad by Caesar's victory at Hoover Dam, and unable to escape his memories, Boone staged a suicide mission against the Legate. 339
Neutral 50 {Narration} Fighting as he wished he would've fought on the day of his wife's death, he brought down scores of Legionaries before being caught. 340
Neutral 50 {Narration} Before his crucifixion, he was brought before the Legate, who expressed his admiration for Boone's reckless abandon. 341
Neutral 50 {Narration} Boone spat tobacco in his eye, for all of Caesar's armies to see. 342


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah. 343
VDialogueCraigBooneAssassinHint VDialogueCraigBooneAssassinHint Neutral 50 If I was the assassin, I'd be up on that ridge. Or if I didn't care about escaping, maybe that near tower, or the landing pad behind us. 344
VDialogueCraigBooneCCComplete VDialogueCraigBooneCCComplete Neutral 50 Wish there was more of them. I wasn't done yet. 345
VDialogueCraigBooneCLAttackFinish VDialogueCraigBooneCLAttackFinish Neutral 50 I think we're clear. 346
VDialogueCraigBooneCaesarDead VDialogueCraigBooneCaesarDead Neutral 50 Thumbs down, you son of a bitch. {Spiteful, got vengeance} 347
VDialogueCraigBooneNelsonReactMercyKill VDialogueCraigBooneNelsonReactMercyKill Neutral 50 Goddamn it. We could've gotten them out. 348
VDialogueCraigBooneNelsonReactSave VDialogueCraigBooneNelsonReactSave Neutral 50 Mercy killing is a last resort. Glad you recognized we had options. 349
VDialogueCraigBooneNelsonStart VDialogueCraigBooneNelsonStart Neutral 50 To hell with mercy killing. We're getting those guys out of there. 350
VDialogueCraigBooneNiptonCrossReact VDialogueCraigBooneNiptonCrossReact Neutral 50 Goddamn Legion. {Looking at an atrocity they performed.} 351
VDialogueCraigBooneNiptonReact VDialogueCraigBooneNiptonReact Neutral 50 They got what they had coming. Glad we were the ones to deliver it. 352
VDialogueCraigBooneNoBeretReact VDialogueCraigBooneNoBeretReact Neutral 50 I'd really like my beret back, please. {Flatly, unamused.} 353
VDialogueCraigBooneOscarVelascoReact VDialogueCraigBooneOscarVelascoReact Neutral 50 Great Khan, looks like. Guess he fought at Bitter Springs. Or saw it happen. 354
VDialogueCraigBooneSpotterIntro VDialogueCraigBooneSpotterIntro Neutral 50 Dark in here. If you want to use a scope, I can spot for you. Keep you on target. 355
VDialogueCraigBooneWave2 VDialogueCraigBooneWave2 Neutral 50 We need to get to the camp before they do! 356
VDialogueCraigBooneWave3 VDialogueCraigBooneWave3 Neutral 50 More coming! 357


AcceptYield AcceptYield Neutral 50 Don't try that again. 358
ArmorIneffective ArmorIneffective Neutral 50 This armor's gonna get me killed. 359
ArmorIneffective Neutral 50 Look, I'm dead unless you can get me some real armor. 360
Assault Assault Neutral 50 Enough. 361
Assault Neutral 50 You're asking for it. 362
Attack Attack Neutral 50 Eat this. 363
Attack Neutral 50 You're mine. 364
Attack Neutral 50 Can't run from me. 365
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Hey, look out! 366
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Heads up! 367
Crippled Crippled Neutral 50 {Critically Injured} Need a medic. 368
Crippled Neutral 50 {Critically Injured} Can't feel all my limbs. 369
Death Death Neutral 50 {Death Noise 2} 370
DeathResponse DeathResponse Neutral 50 Ah, hell. 371
DeathResponse Neutral 50 Dammit! 372
FireExplosive FireExplosive Neutral 50 Get down! 373
FireExplosive Neutral 50 Fire in the hole! 374
Flee Flee Neutral 50 Gotta pull back! 375
Flee Neutral 50 Fall back! 376
Flee Neutral 50 They're in too close! 377
GuardTrespass GuardTrespass Neutral 50 You need to leave. 378
GuardTrespass Neutral 50 Beat it. 379
GuardTrespass Neutral 50 Keep walking. 380
HealthQuarter HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Dying} So this is how it ends. 381
HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Dying} Maybe it's my time. 382
HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Dying} Heh... I knew you'd be the death of me. 383
HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Dying} Think I might've killed my last legionary. 384
Murder Murder Neutral 50 What the hell was that? {Incredulous. As in "what were you doing just now?"} 385
Murder Neutral 50 Not a good idea. 386
Murder Neutral 50 You're gonna get us in some serious shit. 387
MurderNoCrime MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 We all gotta go sometime. 388
MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 Too bad. 389
MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 Hmmph. {A nonchalant grunt - witnessing violence he's desensitized to.} 390
NoAmmo NoAmmo Neutral 50 That's the last of the ammo. 391
NoAmmo Neutral 50 Empty. 392
Poisoned Poison Neutral 50 Argh. Poison. 393
Steal Steal Neutral 50 I'll take that back now. 394
Steal Neutral 50 I don't think so. {You can't do that.} 395
Steal Neutral 50 I don't know who you think you're fooling. 396
UsedDoctorBag UsedDoctorBag Neutral 50 I'm fine now. 397
UsedDoctorBag Neutral 50 Patched up. Let's get back to the fight. 398
Wake Wake Neutral 50 Huh. Alive after all. 399
Wake Neutral 50 <Sighs> Figures. {Disappointed.} 400
WeaponBroke WeaponBroke Neutral 50 This weapon's done. 401
WeaponBroke Neutral 50 I'm no good without my weapon. 402
WeaponBroke Neutral 50 I need a new rifle. 403
WeaponIneffective WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 Need a bigger caliber. 404
WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 Can't punch through. 405
WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 This is useless. 406


AlertIdle AlertIdle Neutral 50 Hmm. 407
AlertIdle Neutral 50 Keep looking. 408
AlertIdle Neutral 50 Stay sharp. 409
AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Spotted! 410
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Company! 411
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Got you in my sights. 412
AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Neutral 50 I've got nothing. {Lost track of his target.} 413
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Never mind. {Wary} 414
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Gone now. {Wary} 415
CombatToLost CombatToLost Neutral 50 Lost contact! 416
CombatToLost Neutral 50 I don't see 'em! 417
CombatToLost Neutral 50 Still around here somewhere. 418
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Neutral 50 All clear. 419
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 Guess we made it. 420
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 All right, it's over. 421
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 Nothing yet. 422
LostIdle Neutral 50 Gotta still be here... 423
LostIdle Neutral 50 Keep looking. 424
LostToCombat LostToCombat Neutral 50 Target reacquired! 425
LostToCombat Neutral 50 Over there! 426
LostToCombat Neutral 50 I see 'em! {Hit "I"} 427
LostToNormal LostToNormal Neutral 50 Gone for now. 428
LostToNormal Neutral 50 Gone. Huh. 429
LostToNormal Neutral 50 Got away. 430
NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Neutral 50 There's something there. 431
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 Shh. Eyes and ears. 432
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 We're not alone. 433
NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 All mine. 434
StartCombat Neutral 50 Take 'em out. 435
StartCombat Neutral 50 Contact! 436
StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 Got it covered. 437
StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 Right with you. 438
StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 I've got your back. 439


ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Neutral 50 Pointless. 440
ObserveCombat Neutral 50 Not my fight. 441