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Cpt. Janssen's journal is a holotape in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Noir Penthouse."


On Captain Janssen, during Early Retirement.


Entry 10-4-2287

Been having nightmares lately. Wake up sweating. Some kind of a bright room, people in lab coats standing over me. I can't move. Then there's this creepy old house with people I feel like I recognize but have never seen. Been happening for weeks now.

The house keeps getting clearer each time. Looked like the places out at Fairline Hill Estates. I'm gonna drop by there for the hell of it and see what's around.

Entry 10-5-2287

You gotta be kidding me. I went to look around Fairline Hills and saw some Raider sneaking around the place. I snuck up on him but he was quick. He flipped around, gun out, but we immediately recognized each other. He was one of the faces from my dream! He's been having the same dreams, too. What the hell is happening?

Entry 10-14-2287

We met up again last night. Both of us have been seeing Synth patrols sniffing around a lot more lately for some reason. Since we've met, our memories keep getting stronger. It seems like we used to be different people, and some sickos erased out memories! Who would do that? Who would rob us of our past like that?

Entry 10-23-2287

Whatever we are now, or whoever we used to be, we want no part of it. Burner and I have decided to get the hell out of here the first chance we have. When we met up again at Fairline tonight, some asshole was waiting there for us. He said we had to come with him, but when we said "no" he tried to take us out. I don't think he expected us to fight back so hard. He's dead now, but who knows if there are others after us.

We've made a pact to trust no one going forward. Anyone else comes asking questions, or we see someone we don't recognize, we shoot on sight, no hesitation.

I'm getting tired of life here anyway. I've been wondering if there's anything left outside the Commonwealth.