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Coyote tobacco chew is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Harvested from wild and domestic coyote tobacco plants common in the Mojave Desert,[1] coyote tobacco chew is a reinvigorating plant that can be consumed raw to reduce sleepiness.[2][3]


Consuming this item gives a +1 boost to Perception and Agility, and a -30 to Sleep in Hardcore mode. It is possible to become addicted to this item, the effects of which are a -1 to Perception and Charisma. With the addition of the Honest Hearts add-on, this item is also used to brew black coffee.


Loose chew


  • Although coyote tobacco chew is addictive, the beverage black coffee with that ingredient and craftable with Honest Hearts, is non-addictive.
  • In one of Boone's endings, he communicates his thoughts to Legate Lanius by spitting tobacco chew into his eyes, in front of the Legion armies.[3]



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    Trent Bascom: "Everything I can. Farmers out here don't have the luxury of being picky. I get by mostly on maize and tobacco."
    (Trent Bascom's dialogue)
  2. -30 Sleep in Hardcore mode
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