Coyote tobacco chew is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas. It comes from the coyote tobacco plant.

It is not the same plant that is typically processed into tobacco cigarettes; it is instead based upon the real-world Coyote Tobacco plants which grow wild in the Western United States, classified as Nicotiana attenuata.


Consuming this item gives a +1 boost to Perception and Agility, and a -30 to Sleep in Hardcore mode. It is also possible to become addicted to this item, addiction effects are a -1 to Perception and Charisma. With the addition of the Honest Hearts add-on, this item is also used to brew black coffee.


  • Westside has 25 harvestable plants: 10 in the planters in the eastern most part of the area (just north east of the north cistern) and 15 in the planters east of the Westside Co-op, 10 in one planter and 5 in another. (Note: some of these plants are owned.) These plants also regrow after a certain amount of in-game days, so they can be an endless supply.
  • There is also one loose leaf on a grave in Goodsprings Cemetery.
  • One plant grows slightly northeast of the Primm water tower (useful for raising Lockpick to help get Lucky).
  • Four harvestable plants can be found at Wolfhorn ranch.
  • Six leaves can be found in a duffle bag at the top of a ramp in the train yard immediately north of Boulder City.
  • Some can be found at the Mojave Outpost, inside the barracks on the shelf. Must be stolen.
  • At least three can be found near Ranger station Echo: One directly west of the tower structure (next to some rocks) while the other is very close to the half-way point between the station and Coyote Mines, just west of a water-filled crater (also near rocks). The third is found directly ahead of the second to the southwest, near a small, lone Joshua tree (and more rocks).
  • Two can be found to the right of Raul's shack.
  • One can be found under the water tower some distance directly south of the marker for the Boulder City ruins on the local map.


  • Although coyote tobacco chew is addictive, the beverage Black coffee with that ingredient and craftable with Honest Hearts, is non-addictive.


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