The Coyote Tail Ridge is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. It is located southwest of Bitter Springs.


These foothills were a good, defensible position for the 1st Recon snipers during their massacre of the Great Khans.

This is the location, called "Canyon 37" by the New California Republic, where ambush teams were stationed during the Bitter Springs Massacre. As it was the Great Khans' only route of escape from Bitter Springs, 1st Recon members such as Boone and others were placed there as cover. Even with reports of women, children, the elderly, and the infirm, NCR command ordered the soldiers at Coyote Tail Ridge to fire until their ammunition was depleted. The graves of those killed are within sight of the ridge, to the northeast.


Coyote Tail Ridge serves as an overlook on the top of a small hill. By following the northeast trail, a sign on the left that says "BITTER SPRINGS" will be found, and under it is a picture of the NCR bear. Further up the trail, to both sides, a dozen graves in two rows can be found.


  • If discovered before Bitter Springs (or if approached from the north), this location evokes from Boone the comment, "Christ. They put the graveyard here" which reflects "flavor text" involvement in the I Forgot to Remember to Forget quest. It neither advances nor affects the quest until the player character has led Boone to Bitter Springs.
  • After visiting Bitter Springs, Boone requests the Courier to remain at the site overnight. This advances the I Forgot to Remember to Forget quest.
  • Cazadores have a nest near this location and may detect and attack the player character.


The Coyote Tail Ridge appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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