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The cowboy hat is a piece of headwear in Fallout: New Vegas.


All variants have a Damage Threshold of 1, and provide a bonus of 1 to Perception, as they shield the wearer's eyes from the sun. They can be repaired with pre-War hats, other copies of themselves, as well as any other head item with the Jury Rigging perk.


Cattleman cowboy hat

Cattleman cowboy hat.png

A straw cowboy hat with a wide, slightly curved brim, a slightly indented top, and a ring of vents halfway up.

Desperado cowboy hat

Desperado cowboy hat.png

A black cowboy hat with a large brim, curved to the sides, and a thin white band at the base.

Old cowboy hat

Cowboy hat.png

A brown top hat with a thin flat brim; with a black-and-white feather stuck in a large rust-colored band at the base.

Rattan cowboy hat

Rattan cowboy hat.png

A straw cowboy hat with a wide brim, curved to the sides, indents in the top and at the temples, and a thin black band at the base.

Rawhide cowboy hat

Rawhide cowboy hat.png

A light brown uncured leather cowboy hat with a slight peak, a thick, flat brim, and a thin black band at the base.



Cattleman cowboy hat

Desperado cowboy hat

  • A hat can be stolen from the table in Mick & Ralph's secret room.
  • Meyers wears one.
  • They can occasionally be purchased at the Crimson Caravan Company.
  • Can be stolen from the counter along with an old cowboy hat at Blake's booth at Crimson Caravan Company.
  • If one decides to help Ringo fight the Powder Gangers in Goodsprings, one of the attacking Powder Gangers is wearing a desperado cowboy hat.
  • One of the Powder Gangers camped out behind Whittaker farmstead is wearing one.
  • One can be found in the Aces Theater at the Tops, on the stage, sitting on a chair.
  • Heck Gunderson wears one of these.
  • These hats can be in the inventory of any random merchant that sells apparel.
  • Honest Hearts One is found next to a skeleton on a cliff with two trees on the northeast side of the Dead Horses camp.

Old cowboy hat

  • Three can be purchased from Mick at Mick & Ralph's in Freeside.
  • Another hat can be bought at the Crimson Caravan Company.
  • An NCR trooper wandering around the New Vegas Strip wears the old cowboy variant.

Rattan cowboy hat

  • Gunderson hired hands in the Ultra-Luxe penthouse suite wear rattan cowboy hats, but they must be looted from their corpses.
  • The female traveling merchant who wanders in and out of Novac often has a rattan cowboy hat.
  • Daisy Whitman in Novac wears a rattan cowboy hat, but it must be looted from her corpse or reverse pickpocketed.
  • Honest Hearts A rattan cowboy hat can be found in the Zion Ranger station.

Rawhide cowboy hat

  • Wild Wasteland With the Wild Wasteland trait, one can be found in Jimmy's well.
  • One is found on the Lucky 38 casino floor, through the main entrance of the building, it is in a room towards the lefthand side of the casino floor containing a number of unlocked safes holding many chems and bottle caps. On top of one of the safes is the rawhide cowboy hat.
  • Dr. Ada Straus wears one in Novac.
  • Dead Money One can be found atop a cabinet in the backstage hallway of the Tampico.


  • The Courier is shown wearing one of these cowboy hats during the starting cutscene, appearing as the rawhide variant without the black outline.
  • Cass' default hat is a unique variant of the rattan cowboy hat that is unobtainable without the use of console commands.


Xbox 360Xbox 360 With the rattan and desperado cowboy hats, when the player attempts to equip it through a hotkey, it will freeze the game. [verified]