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You do 25% more damage when using any revolver, lever-action firearm, dynamite, knife, or hatchet.— In-game description

Cowboy is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


This perk increases damage dealt with dynamite, lever-action firearms, hatchets, knives and revolvers by 25%, as well as any unique variants of the weapons.

Affected weapons

Base weapon Variant(s)
.357 Magnum revolver Lucky
.44 Magnum revolver Mysterious Magnum
5.56mm pistol Gun Runners' Arsenal That Gun
BB gun Abilene Kid LE BB gun
Bowie knife Lonesome Road (add-on) Blood-Nap Lonesome Road (add-on)
Brush gun Medicine Stick Gun Runners' Arsenal
Combat knife Chance's knife
Cowboy repeater La Longue Carabine
Dynamite Long-fuse dynamite
Fire bomb Honest Hearts
Hunting revolver Hunting revolver (GRA) Gun Runners' Arsenal
Ranger Sequoia
Lever-action shotgun
Throwing hatchet
Throwing knife
Time bomb
Tomahawk Honest Hearts
Trail carbine
War club Honest Hearts


Despite being a revolver, the police pistol is unaffected by the perk.