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You've recovered all the hidden intel from Operation: Anchorage. Good work, soldier!Fallout 3 description

Covert Ops is a perk in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.


+3 to the Science, Small Guns and Lockpick skills.


Main article: Intel suitcase

Collect the 10 intel suitcases during the Anchorage Reclamation simulation. Once the simulation is complete, the perk will appear on the Pip-Boy. Also a message will appear on screen when Constantine Chase acknowledges you going above and beyond the line of duty.


  • Icon pc.png Deleting Operation: Anchorage from your Xbox 360 HDD or hard drive after completing the simulation and successfully obtaining the Covert Ops perk will render any saves made afterwards unusable. Deleting the DLC pack and then attempting to load a save in which the character has this perk will cause the game to freeze at the loading screen. On the other hand, a save in which the character has completed the simulation but doesn't have this perk won't cause the game to freeze, however all items obtained from Operation: Anchorage will no longer exist. [verified]
    • This can be avoided on PC by typing player.removeperk xx00BF70 in the console before uninstalling the DLC. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png Icon ps3.png Icon xbox360.png Sometimes there will be a lack of notification that you have received this perk. In most cases, you will still receive the perk and can check on your Pip-Boy 3000 but in some cases, you don't get it at all. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png Icon ps3.png Icon xbox360.png You may not receive the perk until you have left the simulation. [verified]
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