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Courtney Kelly is a deceased hunter and member of the Free States whose body can be found in Appalachia.


Courtney was a member of Duncan McKann's failed expedition to track down ghouls from the Valley Galleria. She and fellow expedition member Jacqueline Murphy were wounded early on in the expedition and were left in the care of the expedition's Mister Gutsy, Hardball, to recuperate.[1]

However, Courtney did not survive the ordeal and perished along with Jacqueline. Their corpses can be found northeast of the ransacked bunker, past the rock wall. Before she died, Courtney left behind a note, asking the finder to find a home for her two cats, Lulu and Misty, and even made some suggestions regarding who might be considered a suitable carer.[2]

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Courtney's note
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Courtney Kelly appears only in Fallout 76.


  1. Hardball: "I have wounded to protect, and re-establishing communications with Duncan McKann is vital."
  2. Courtney's note