Inside every synth Courser is a specialized chip that is instrumental in "relaying" into the Institute. Obtaining the chip is the first step in infiltrating the shadowy organization.— VDSG Catalogue No.8479

The courser chip is a quest item in Fallout 4.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The courser chip is a component embedded into a courser's brain, allowing them to teleport from anywhere in the Commonwealth to the Institute. Its appearance is the same as that of a synth component.

To be delivered to Tinker Tom in Railroad HQ during part of the main questline but has to be handed over in return for him to decode it, because Dr. Amari from the Memory Den does not possess sufficient enough information to decode it.

A courser chip is installed in the Sole Survivor's Pip-Boy by Dr. Madison Li to allow them to travel to and from the Institute.

Location[edit | edit source]

This item is found on Z2-47 after killing him in the Hunter/Hunted quest.

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