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Course instructions is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found at the top of the Charleston Herald building on the left side of the Fire Breathers physical exam terminal.


Melody Larkin: Alright, settle down recruits. I know it looks hard, but the course ain't no hill for a climber. Just follow the arrows and keep your head on a swivel. Once you get down a piece, you'll see the capitol. Give that button a whack and follow the course back on over here.

Firebreather Trainee: *Muttering*

Melody Larkin: What was that? You got something to say, you spit it out.

Firebreather Trainee: I just don't see why we gotta go running through all that muck.

Melody Larkin: Now you listen to me before I smack both eyes into one. My husband is somewhere down in "that muck." So's yer father. And her gran. And their sisters. We spent weeks crawling through "that muck" pulling people out. Thousands of people died in the Christmas Flood. More still were never found. Drowned or buried alive. We pulled people out of there for a full year. So you show some respect.

You got anything else to say?

Firebreather Trainee: No ma'am.

Melody Larkin: What was that?!

Firebreather Trainee: No ma'am!

Melody Larkin: Good! Alright Fire Breathers, get out there and run that course like your friends lives depend on it.