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Thought carrying that Chip would end you, no... you got lives in you, hard to kill. Storms, bullets... sand and wind, yet still you walk. For now.Ulysses to the Courier

The Courier, also known as Courier Six, is the player character and main protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas.


Prior to 2281, the Courier had traveled extensively across New California, such as on the Long 15 to Primm, to Circle Junction, New Reno, Vault City, Fort Abandon and on brahmin drives at the Big Circle.[2][3] At one point, they were hired to deliver a package scavenged from Navarro to a community near Death Valley. They left the area soon after completing the delivery, unaware that the package would go on to transmit detonation codes to multiple pre-War nuclear missile silos beneath the area. The missiles, trapped in the decayed silos, exploded underground and destroyed the community, turning the area into the Divide.[4][5]

In 2281, the Courier was one of six messengers hired by the Mojave Express at Robert House's behest to deliver packages to the New Vegas Strip.[6][7] Although they did not know it at the time, the reason they came to be involved was because a previous candidate refused the job after seeing that they were next in line, and insisted they personally take the job.[8] Of the six, it was the Courier that was carrying the only item of worth, the platinum chip.[9] When their route passed near Goodsprings they were ambushed by Benny, the rogue leader of the Chairmen, and a hired group of Great Khans. The Courier was knocked out during the attack, and while unconscious had the platinum chip stolen from them. While the Courier was unconscious, they were moved to the Goodsprings Cemetery, and regained consciousness soon after the Khans had finished digging a grave to bury them in. Benny then gave a brief speech to the Courier, blaming their fate on bad luck, then shot them in the head twice in an attempt to murder them.[10][11][12][13] They were then buried in the grave the Khans had prepared, but survived long enough for Victor, a Securitron under Mr. House's control, to come and dig them out.[14] They were operated on by Doc Mitchell, the resident doctor of Goodsprings, who then monitored the Courier's recovery over the following days.[15][16]

Information through dialogue[]

The player character can make several statements about their past through in-game dialogue options. They do not form part of their background until they have been selected. Below is a list of elements of the character's past which can be chosen through dialogue:

  • During a conversation with Bruce Isaac in Novac, the Courier can state that they have been to New Reno before and attended one of his shows at the Shark Club.[17]
  • When talking with Little Buster, the Courier can suggest that they worked as a bounty hunter at some point.[18]
  • The Courier is initially unaware of the rarity and value of the Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps as Malcolm Holmes says the Courier did not express any reaction upon finding their first one.[19]
  • Even if one has not made contact with the Brotherhood of Steel at Hidden Valley, the Courier can state they have heard of the Brotherhood when conversing with Veronica for the first time[20] and, upon passing an Intelligence check, when interacting with Christine in Dead Money.[21] The Courier may also be aware of their technology obsession[22] and their hostility with the NCR.[23]
  • During the dialogue with Veronica, the Courier may mention not knowing where they came from.[24]
  • The Courier can tell Cass that they [the Courier] do not know what a fish is.[25] Or, on the contrary, an intelligent Courier may test her knowledge about fish.[26]
  • A Courier with a high Repair skill can tell the Boomer teacher that they have years of experience with machining and lathe work.[27]
  • In Dead Money, the Courier can express unfamiliarity with FEV through their interaction with Father Elijah.[28]
  • When Elijah mentions the "Big Empty," the Courier may claim that they have never heard of it before.[29]
  • Before setting off to New Canaan, the Courier can tell Jed Masterson that they have not been to Utah in some time, suggesting that they have been there before.[30]
  • In Honest Hearts, an intelligent Courier can impress a Dead Horse stalker with their knowledge of the languages of the Dead Horses and the Sorrows tribes.[31]
  • In conversation with Joshua Graham, the Courier may imply that they have never heard of Christianity, or at least the denomination of Mormonism.[32]
  • In Old World Blues, the Courier is revealed to have a special brain condition due to being shot in the head in just the right spot and surviving.[33]
  • After Old World Blues, the Courier becomes a cybernetically augmented human. Even if they get their brain, heart, and spine back, it is stated there will still be some advanced technologies that remain in place.[34]
  • A skilled Courier may have a high understanding of RobCo technology. In Honest Hearts, a Courier with a high Science skill can call out Ricky's incompetence with his locked Pip-Boy.[35] In Old World Blues, the Courier can recognize the RobCo signals that Doctor 8 transmits.[36] The Courier is also apparently able to understand the duplicated ED-E's incomprehensible beeping and is even able to tell the difference between its emotions through its beeping.[37]
  • One ending slide of Old World Blues states that the Courier knows very little about communism or high schools.[38]
  • According to Ulysses, the Courier has been to Circle Junction, New Reno, Vault City, Fort Abandon, and on brahmin drives at the Big Circle.[2]
  • The Courier has very limited knowledge of the former American Midwest, as when the duplicated ED-E plays the log where it was recovered by Tommy, they can ask where it happened and ED-E responds with Chicago, Illinois. Depending on whether they previously repaired the original ED-E, they recognize the name if they did ("Illinois? So that's where you got that plate. The other you, I mean."),[39] or express being unaware of it if they did not ("Illin-what? Come on you're making that name up.").[40] Regardless of either case, the Courier does not know about Chicago ("What's a Chicago?").[41]
  • The Courier has at least passing knowledge of the Fiends and their unhinged reputation as they can suggest the raider tribe as a possible cause for the loss of Cassidy Caravans when first talking to Cass, of which the dialogue option is available even if one has never encountered nor been told about the Fiends.[42]
  • An intelligent Courier may have at least passing knowledge of snipers and spotters, as Boone can be recruited by passing an Intelligence check where they note that snipers are supposed to work in pairs.[43]
  • The Courier has at least passing knowledge of the Boomers including the tribe's choice of fashion as they correctly identify the origin of Boomer flightsuits when bartering a deal to sell them to Sarah Weintraub regardless of passing[44] or failing[45] the skill check, of which the dialogue option is available even if they have not been to Nellis Air Force Base beforehand.
  • When speaking with the Lonesome Drifter, and learning that he is from Montana and trying to track down his estranged father, a male Courier with the Lady Killer perk can nervously ask the Drifter if he happens to be 17 years old, then expresses relief when he says he is 28, implying the Courier impregnated (or believes he impregnated) a woman in Montana at some point around 2264.[46]
  • The Courier may express an inability to understand Latin when first talking to Arcade Gannon, indicating unfamiliarity with the language.[47] However, an intelligent Courier can demonstrate a strong enough grasp of Latin to successfully trick Silus, a veteran centurion of Caesar's Legion into thinking they are an assassin working for Caesar coming to kill him.[1]
  • An intelligent Courier can have knowledge of ancient Roman mythology and American history, as they can recognize that Ulysses took his name from Ulysses S. Grant, not the mythological figure Ulysses, by his pronunciation of the name.[48]
  • Dialogue with Raul indicates that the Courier may have at least a passing knowledge of Spanish, using the word "vaquero."[49]
  • A female Courier knows how to use the heels of her feet in a sexually gratifying way, according to potential partner Benny.[50]
  • When Caesar mentions the concept of Hegelian dialectics, the Courier can claim to be unaware of that concept.[51]
  • After hearing one of the ED-E clone's recordings and discovering that the ED-E clone is trying to find their way home, the Courier can remark that they feel the same way and adds "Why do you think I became a courier?"[52]
  • In dialogue with Keith, the Courier can claim to have once been a con artist.[53]
  • In the endings for Old World Blues, the Courier returns to Big MT and watches over it, keeping a close eye over the sciences and goings-on of the facility while gradually reintroducing sciences both forgotten and new back into the wasteland as needed.[54]


Fallout: New Vegas[]

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Narrated by Ron Perlman

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Courier end slide 01
The Courier, fair and even-handed in his/her dealings throughout the Wasteland, was honored by the NCR for his/her support of the military at Hoover Dam. He/she was presented with the Golden Branch, the highest civilian decoration given by the Republic. Good Karma, NCR Victory
Courier end slide 01
Though the Courier's agenda was debated by many, he/she was honored by NCR for his/her support of the military at Hoover Dam. He/she was presented with the Golden Branch, the highest civilian decoration given by the Republic. Neutral Karma, NCR Victory
Courier end slide 01
With brutal methods that few in NCR would approve of, it was the Courier who secured NCR's victory at Hoover Dam. Despite his/her extreme actions, he/she was awarded with the Golden Branch, the highest civilian decoration given by the Republic. Bad Karma, NCR Victory
4 Though the Courier himself/herself was just and forthright in his/her dealings throughout the Wasteland, he/she helped the Legion achieve victory. Caesar honored him/her with a golden coin, minted in celebration of his/her contributions and distributed throughout the wasteland. Good Karma, Caesar's Legion Victory, do not allow Caesar to die in Et Tumor, Brute?
5 The Courier, a mercenary at heart, helped the Legion achieve victory at Hoover Dam. Caesar honored him/her with a golden coin, minted in celebration of his/her contributions and distributed throughout the wasteland. Neutral Karma, Caesar's Legion Victory, do not allow Caesar to die in Et Tumor, Brute?
6 The Legion marched over the Hoover Dam with the help of one who was as brutal and merciless as the worst of them: The Courier. Caesar honored him/her with a golden coin, minted in celebration of his/her contributions and distributed throughout the wasteland. Bad Karma, Caesar's Legion Victory, do not allow Caesar to die in Et Tumor, Brute?
7 Though the Courier himself/herself was just and forthright in his/her dealings throughout the Wasteland, he/she helped the Legion achieve victory. Caesar honored him/her with a golden coin, minted in celebration of his/her contributions and distributed throughout the wasteland. Good Karma, Caesar's Legion Victory, allow Caesar to die in Et Tumor, Brute?
8 The Courier, a mercenary at heart, helped the Legion achieve victory at Hoover Dam. Caesar honored him/her with a golden coin, minted in celebration of his/her contributions and distributed throughout the wasteland. Neutral Karma, Caesar's Legion Victory, allow Caesar to die in Et Tumor, Brute?
9 The Legion marched over the Hoover Dam with the help of one who was as brutal and merciless as the worst of them: The Courier. Caesar honored him/her with a golden coin, minted in celebration of his/her contributions and distributed throughout the wasteland. Bad Karma, Caesar's Legion Victory, allow Caesar to die in Et Tumor, Brute?
Courier end slide 04
The Courier, fair and kind-hearted to those in the Wasteland, ensured that Mr. House would keep New Vegas stable and secure for future generations. Mr. House afforded him/her every luxury at his disposal in the Lucky 38, out of gratitude - and a quiet sense of pride for his choice in lieutenants. Good Karma, Mr. House Victory
Courier end slide 04
The Courier, who had a mixed history in the Wasteland, kept the status quo at Hoover Dam. Mr. House would keep New Vegas stable, if not free, for generations. Mr. House afforded the Courier every luxury at his disposal in the Lucky 38. Neutral Karma, Mr. House Victory
Courier end slide 04
The Courier, cruel and merciless, had ensured that Mr. House would maintain complete control over New Vegas and everyone in it. Mr. House afforded him/her every luxury at his disposal in the Lucky 38, partly out of gratitude, and partly out of fear. Bad Karma, Mr. House Victory
13 Supporting the ideals of independence, the Courier was recognized as the man/woman responsible for a truly free New Vegas. He/she ensured Mr. House's tyranny was broken and neither Caesar's Legion nor NCR would ever gain control over New Vegas. Good Karma, Independent New Vegas
14 Preferring neither the best of the NCR nor the worst of the Legion, the Courier was the man/woman responsible for a truly independent New Vegas. He/she had removed Mr. House from power over the Strip and broken the influence of the NCR and Caesar's Legion in the Mojave Wasteland. Neutral Karma, Independent New Vegas
15 Supporting all the chaos that comes with independence, the Courier was the man/woman responsible for a truly free New Vegas. He/she ensured the fall of Mr. House and the end of the Legion's and NCR's influence over New Vegas. Bad Karma, Independent New Vegas

Dead Money[]

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# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Nvdlc01 eg playertrapped
In the years that followed, the legend of the Sierra Madre faded, and there were no... new visitors to the city. Years later, when a mysterious blood red cloud began to roll across the Mojave, then West toward the Republic, no one knew where it had come from. Only that it brought death in its wake. Attempts to find the source of the toxic cloud failed. The Mojave was cut off. Through the Cloud, lights were seen from HELIOS One. There were stories of ghosts immune to gunfire, who struck down anyone they saw with rays of light. The last chapter of the Mojave came when a modified REPCONN rocket struck Hoover Dam, releasing a blood-red cloud, killing all stationed there. All attempts to penetrate the Cloud and re-take the Dam failed, and both the NCR and Legion finally turned away from it, citing the place as cursed. In the years that followed, communities across the West began to die as traces of the Cloud began to drift over lands held by the NCR¹. Only two remained alive in the depths of the Cloud, at the Sierra Madre, waiting for their new world to begin again. The Courier sides with Elijah.
# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Nvdlc01 eg playertrapped
The Courier, lured by the promise of the Sierra Madre, could not escape. Once inside the vault, the casino did not let go. When the Courier finally passed away, the casino created a new Hologram to walk with the other ghosts that filled its casino. It was a pre-programmed homage intended for another. It assumed a new meaning in the likeness of the Courier. A means of allowing even the dead to begin again. Courier is trapped in the vault.

Lonesome Road[]

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Narrated by Ulysses

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Nvdlc04 endingslide enddivide
As for the Courier... he/she turned his/her back on his/her home for the second time and made his/her way back, navigating the treachery of the Divide. Tunnelers and the Marked Men... avoided the lone figure, as if recognizing the Courier's right to passage... or out of fear. Complete Lonesome Road.
Nvdlc04 endingslide enddividevista
The Courier walked until he/she stood again upon the edge of the Divide, the last road he/she would walk before the second battle for Hoover Dam. There, beside his/her feet, was a final package, from one Courier to another - a footlocker, bearing a gift, and a message. But that message - it is something for Couriers to carry, and for them alone. The lights flickered across the Divide, reminders that the Old World histories persist, and find meaning in the present.
3 It's said war - war never changes. Men/Women do, through the roads they walk. And this road - has reached its end.


  • In the opening cutscene, the Courier can be briefly seen wearing a recolored version of the caravaneer outfit with a light-colored cowboy hat, along with tan work gloves.
  • In one of the endings of Dead Money, the Courier can become trapped within the Sierra Madre vault, which results in a game over slide.
  • The Courier was shown wearing an armored Vault 21 jumpsuit during Fallout: New Vegas previews and in the ending. However, this item does not appear in-game, and can only be obtained using console commands.
  • One of the ending slides in Lonesome Road shows the Courier wearing the "Yes Man" variant of the Courier duster. This will happen no matter which side was nuked, or even if the nukes were stopped.
  • Along with the Chosen One, the Courier is the only protagonist throughout the main Fallout series to not begin the events of the game from a vault.
  • As mentioned by Elijah on his radio frequency in Dead Money, the Courier carries Collar 21,[55] assuming the Courier had stolen a Pip-Boy from a Vault 21 dweller.[56]
  • In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, the set that the Courier is sold as is NCR: Promo NCR Ranger. Despite this, the resin sprue label and unit card identify the model as "The Courier" and a unit within the Survivors faction, not NCR.


The Courier appears in Fallout: New Vegas, all of its add-ons, and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. They are also mentioned in the graphic novel, All Roads.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Originally, the player would have been able to choose the Courier's race. Obsidian planned for the options of human, ghoul, and super mutant. However, Bethesda strongly advised against on the basis of reworking armor and weapons for each race. Obsidian followed Bethesda's advice and left the Courier human.[Non-game 1]
  • The Courier is the Joker in the deck of Vault playing cards included with the Collector's Edition of Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Josh Sawyer stated that the developers "intentionally left the Courier's origins and the exact nature of the initial transaction vague" but carried their "delivery from southern NCR, toward the Hub."[Non-game 2]
  • Chris Avellone describes the story of the Divide as beginning with the NCR finding Enclave technology, recognizing symbols of which match a different location, subsequently hiring the Courier to take it there, the future Divide.[Non-game 3]


Fallout: New Vegas[]

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare[]


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    ED-E (Lonesome Road): "<Ecstatic beeping>"
    (ED-E (Lonesome Road)'s dialogue)
  38. Old World Blues endings, X-8 research center: "As the Courier ran through the X-8 facility multiple times, the computers analyzed the test subject's movements. Rather than performing a superficial observation, they realized the subject barely knew what Communism was - or even what a high school was. This confused them for a time, until the facility finally realized that its research had... succeeded. So it let its cyberdogs out into the wastes to help protect small communities from physical aggression rather than communist propaganda."
  39. Courier: "Illinois? So that's where you got that plate. The other you, I mean."
    ED-E (Lonesome Road): "<Happy beeping>"
    (ED-E (Lonesome Road)'s dialogue)
  40. Courier: "Illin-what? Come on, you're making that name up."
    ED-E (Lonesome Road): "<Happy beeping>"
    (ED-E (Lonesome Road)'s dialogue)
  41. Courier: "What's a Chicago?"
    ED-E (Lonesome Road): "<Expository beeping>"
    (ED-E (Lonesome Road)'s dialogue)
  42. Courier: "Might have been Fiends, they're crazy like that."
    Cass: "My guess is Legion, they're trying to cut NCR's supply line... and the Mojave Outpost is proof. Got us locked up tighter than a New Vegas virgin. No caravans in, out, and just {emph} try arguing with Jackson about it. "Roads aren't safe," he says. No shit, you washed-out old fuckup, I didn't need a Brotherhood Scribe to tell me that."
    {Cass' dialogue)
  43. Courier: "[Intelligence 6] I thought snipers worked in teams."
    Boone: "Hnh. Yeah. Working on your own, you're a lot less effective. I've been there and paid for it. But this isn't gonna end well."
    (Boone's dialogue)
  44. Courier: "Shame you can't fix Boomer suits. They're very similar to vault suits."
    Sarah Weintraub: "[SUCCEEDED] Hey, who says I can't fix that? You bring me those boom-suits too, okay?"
    (Sarah Weintraub's dialogue)
  45. Courier: "I'll also bring you Boomer suits. You can fix them and sell them."
    Sarah Weintraub: "[FAILED] Do I look like a seamstress to you? Those boomsters can stay in their nowhereville until the sun runs out of gas, for all I care. No deal."
    (Sarah Weintraub's dialogue)
  46. Courier: "Wait, Montana? You wouldn't happen to be 17, would you?"
    The Lonesome Drifter: "No sir, I'm 28. Why?"
    (Lonesome Drifter's dialogue)
  47. Courier: "You don't sound too enthusiastic about it."
    Arcade Gannon: "I'm enthusiastic about helping people, but nihil novi sub sole."
    Courier: "Nihi-what?"
    Arcade Gannon: "Oh. Sorry. "There is nothing new under the sun." If agave and mesquite were that miraculous, the locals would have figured it out a few thousand years ago."
    (Arcade's dialogue)
  48. Courier: "[Intelligence 7] 'Ulysses.' Not the myth. You're honoring history, not stories."
    Ulysses: "[SUCCEEDED] History. Yes. Ulysses walked a hard road. A general, like Caesar and Oliver. He was Brahmin-stubborn, gave him strength on the battlefield. He led his side to victory, turned two flags into one. That's when he lost - when the fighting was done, the sickness took hold. Lesson there, if history's to be believed. One you should heed."
    (Ulysses' dialogue)
  49. Courier: "Where'd you get that Vaquero outfit?"
    Raul Tejada: "I found it in a costume shop. It was sort of my calling card, you know? "Raul the Ghoul, the zombie vaquero of Mexico City.""
    (Raul Tejada's dialogue)
  50. Thanks, baby
  51. Courier: "Hegelian Dialectics? What are those?"
    Caesar: "How do I put this basically enough? It's a philosophical theory, the kind you might encounter if you took time to read some books. The fundamental premise is to envision history as a sequence of 'dialectical' conflicts. Each dialectic begins with a proposition, a thesis... ...which inherently contains, or creates, its opposite - an antithesis. Thesis and antithesis. The conflict is inevitable. But the resolution of the conflict yields something new - a synthesis - eliminating the flaws in each, leaving behind common elements and ideas."
    (Caesar's dialogue)
  52. Courier: "Sometimes I feel the same way. Why do you think I became a courier?"
    ED-E (Lonesome Road): "<Melancholy beeping>"
    (ED-E (Lonesome Road)'s dialogue)
  53. Courier: "I've run some cons in my day - one clever bastard to another, what's your trick?"
    Keith: "[SUCCEEDED] You know how they say you make your own luck? Let's just say I make mine with a little extra ink on the cards."
    (Keith's dialogue)
  54. Old World Blues endings: "As it had been in the years before the Great War, Big MT... the Big Empty... became home to one of the brightest minds of the 23rd century. The Courier watched over the Big Empty for years to come, caring for it, and keeping its discoveries safe until they were needed to help others. Which had always been Big MT's purpose. Past the laboratories and Science, it had always been intended as a place to build the future of all mankind."
  55. 743.00Hz ULF radio signal: "What the hell is 21 doing now... hnh."
  56. 743.00Hz ULF radio signal: "Good thing the new recruit had a Pip-Boy, too, probably stole it from a Vault 21 dweller. Still, a thief's just what I need for this."


  1. "Fallout: New Vegas was once Fallout: Sin City and had three playable races" Eurogamer
  2. "The Courier carried his/her delivery from southern NCR, toward the Hub. We intentionally left the Courier's origins and the exact nature of the initial transaction vague." - J.E. Sawyer
  3. Chris Avellone on his blog