Believe me, I would love orders to take Cottonwood Cove apart and kick the Legion back across the river. But, the brass at McCarran doesn't want us to waste resources on something they consider a minor target. So we just get to watch.Green

Cottonwood Cove is a location in the Mojave Wasteland which acts as a staging area for Caesar's Legion in 2281. It is located along the Colorado River, southeast of Ranger station Echo.


Once a small resort, Cottonwood Cove was adopted by the Legion as an outpost, used for trafficking captured people to Arizona for slave processing and as a launching point for all Legion raiding operations in southern Mojave.[1] It has since become the largest single encampment of Legion forces on the western side of the Colorado River and is their foothold into Nevada, using the river to transfer trooper and supplied to Fortification Hill on the east bank.[2] This was made possible by the sabotage of Camp Searchlight, organized by Vulpes Inculta. When the camp fell and the NCR's presence in the region waned, an outpost was set up at Cottonwood Cove to handle all Legion operations in the area.[3] All communication to and from Cottonwood Cove is handled via a ham radio.

Centurion Aurelius of Phoenix is stationed here as commander. With just two contubernia at his command (16 legionaries), he managed to kill and capture over four times his own number in NCR soldiers, giving him a very respectable win ratio.[4]


The Legion camp is concentrated among the former resort buildings on the edge of the bay. Legionaries patrol the area around the buildings and up to the edge of the resort, near the welcome sign (now adorned with the heads of those who crossed the Legion), while lookouts (Legion explorers and a Legion mongrels) cover entry points.

There is a hollowed-out rock to the left of the fast travel point to Cottonwood Cove. The rock will be marked with the phrase "the sun is killing me" and is located in the path between the two crucifixes.

Centurion Aurelius of Phoenix maintains his command post at the headquarters set up in the concrete building overlooking the bay, with legionaries quartered in red tents surrounding it. Most of the resort buildings are boarded off, with the exception of the mess hall. A shack set up by the overlook is used as a supply dump.

The Cove can be a difficult area to storm, due to open lines of sight. However, a crafty sniper can make use of the Cottonwood overlook to pick legionaries off, or dump the radioactive waste from the transport truck from San Onofre onto the hapless legionaries below. This will kill everyone in the camp, including civilians, but will not deny access to the Fort. Cursor Lucullus will simply wear a radiation suit, while the radiation will not be high enough to be lethal to the player character. A Lockpick skill of 50 is required to open up the back.

Craig Boone will warn the player character on approach that he will start shooting anyone wearing Legion red. Actually wiping the camp out with Boone in tow - whether directly or through dumping waste into it - advances Boone's story and puts the player character one step closer to starting I Forgot to Remember to Forget.

Electing to nuke the Legion during Lonesome Road will activate the boat to Dry Wells at the Cove.



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  • When approaching Cottonwood Cove with Boone, he stops the Courier and states that it is a Legion slave camp, that he has been here before, and he will kill everything in it. After every Legionary in the camp is killed, Boone will sometimes express disappointment that there were not more of them.
  • If the Courier elects to release the radioactive waste on the area, and one already has (or subsequently obtains) the Mark of Caesar, Cursor Lucullus will still wait to ferry them up the river, but he will be wearing a radiation suit. If Lucullus has been killed, it is still possible to travel to the Fort by simply activating the raft at the end of the pier.
  • If the radioactive barrels were released upon Cottonwood Cove without freeing the Weathers family, the family will be killed and the quest Left My Heart will fail.
  • Although the individuals in the area killed instantly by the radioactive waste, the subsequent radiation level in the area is very low and does not prevent anyone from entering the area afterward.
  • Looting Aurelius' office will result in negative Karma.


Cottonwood Cove appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Cottonwood Cove is based on the real world location of Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina, located on the Colorado River in Clark County, Nevada. The resort features a similar layout with features that mirror the in-game equivalents.
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  • Romanes Eunt Domus (translated in-film as "People called Romanes, they go, the house") is painted on the side of the Cottonwood Cove HQ, a reference to the film Monty Python's Life Of Brian.[5]
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    Soon afterword, you can pass by some crucified Wastelanders, and all are beyond help. If Side Quest: Aba Daba Honeymoon or Oh My Papa are active, one of the slaves is a man named Anders who you can rescue as part of either Quest. Now enter the camp."
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Cottonwood Cove
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