The Corvega Blitz is a car built before the Great War which appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. The chevron on the hood indicates it was made by the Corvega.


An economical and family friendly coupe manufactured by Chryslus Motors, the Blitz was a variant of the Corvega line designed to combine good performance with low maintenance requirements, excellent fuel efficiency, and four seats.[1] A rather small car, its aggressive slanted body was complemented by a pair of gull-wing doors. The Blitz is a relatively common sight on the streets of the wasteland, indicating that it was quite popular in pre-War times.



The slant on the grill of the Blitz is liable to send anyone being hit by the car under the tires rather than over the roof, which is an occurrence modern car manufacturers design to happen least often.



  1. Curie: "I read that the Corvega Blitz is quite economical and family friendly. But, not so much any more."
    (Curie's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken at the entrance of the assembly line room in the Corvega assembly plant.
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