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The Corsican Brothers at yer service' (Glances up, irritated, then does a double take.) YOU'RE the new fluffer?

The Corsican Brothers, Sid and Marty, run the Golden Globes porn studio in New Reno.


The brothers, Marty who has his hair slicked back, and whose face is covered with a thin sheen of sweat,[1] and Sid, who wears a toupee and dark sunglasses,[2] run the double G, ensuring slick operation of their juicy business and personally handling prospective talent. Though they show respect for the made men of any of the families, they owe specific allegiance to the Mordinos.

If the Chosen One impresses the brothers in an audition, they have the potential to become a full fledged Porn Star.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Collect tribute from the Corsican Brothers: Big Jesus Mordino wants the Chosen One to intimidate the Corsican Brothers into paying their usual tribute. However, if the main quests are completed and then this quest is accepted, there will be absolutely no dialogue option to collect the money due to them cutting the Chosen off from the "Enclave adventures."

Other interactions

  • To get an audition with the brothers, the Chosen One must either have high Charisma or have a good reputation in New Reno (via the Made Man or Prizefighter titles). To impress them enough to actually take part in the filming of a movie, the Chosen One must also have high Endurance and Agility.
  • Despite the dialogue making it seem as if one can negotiate for royalties, the most that can be received is 500.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Leather jacket


  • It should be noted that the name "Corsican Brothers" is a bit misleading, however, since there is only one of them. At any time, there is only one actual non-player character; the names are simply switched.
  • In combat one is named a Corsican Bother.


The Corsican Brothers only appear in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

That there is only one of the "Brothers" is likely a reference to the 1941 movie The Corsican Brothers starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as both of the two Siamese twin Corsican brothers, separated at birth.


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