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This is a transcript for dialogue with William Farber.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Listen, asshole. I know you're not really an NCR health inspector, so you can cut the restaurant critic routine. 1
Neutral 50 And I want my fifty caps back, 'cause I looked it up and there ain't no disease called colorectal implosion syndrome. 2
Neutral 50 So I paid you to look the other way for nothing. 3
Neutral 50 Wait. Wait. You're not... oh wow, I'm sorry. You looked just like- never mind. Sorry. So... what can I serve you up? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 {Terse, sigh} You again? What do need? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {Good-humored} Howdy, looking for chow? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {Happy to see player} Hey hey, back for seconds, huh? 7
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic000 Got anything to eat? Neutral 50 {Sarcastic} Oh yeah. You can order up anything you want... as long as it's corn or beans!<Laughs> 8
Neutral 50 {Done joking, serious} Just kidding. Haven't you heard? With few shipments from home and little variety, the troops are getting restless for some quality grub. 9
Neutral 50 {Matter of fact} You can only do so much as a chef with just corn, beans, onions, and peppers. 10
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic001 I'd like to buy some food. Neutral 50 Chow down. 11
I'd like to buy some food. Neutral 50 Sorry, but the brass ordered me to not serve enemies of NCR. 12
I'd like to buy some food. Neutral 50 I don't like your kind taking food from my men, so I'm going to charge you a little extra. Don't like it? Tough. 13
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic002 Can anything be done to improve your supplies? Neutral 50 {Tired sigh, lamenting lack of supplies} Well, we haven't had any quality meat in months. Everyone in the camp just eating beans for protein... It isn't pretty. 14
Neutral 50 {Annoyed by bad luck} Some of my kitchen machinery is broken down, too, so we've been eating mostly raw vegetables. 15
Neutral 50 {Direct, a bit desperate} And I'm desperate for spices or seasonings. Anything. Just something to the general mood around here. 16
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic003 Could you remind me where I should look for supplies? Neutral 50 What do you need to know? 17
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic004 Is there a health inspector bothering you? Neutral 50 Ah, it's nothing. You just looked like the health inspector who stopped through for the yearly inspection a couple weeks back. 18
Neutral 50 I was hoping I wouldn't have to wait another 11 months to see his crooked ass to get my caps back. Ah well, anything I can get you? 19
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic005 Where would you suggest I find meat in the amount you'd need here? Neutral 50 {Reassuring} It doesn't need to all come from the same source. There are a bunch of different vendors around who sell meat. Fitz, the Nash's, Crimson Caravan... 20
Neutral 50 We've never really tried to go out and organize deals with merchants to supply our food. Already having an overstock of food, we haven't needed to. 21
Neutral 50 But we really need some good-old red meat on the menu soon, so I'm willing to divert some caps in their direction if they're open to supplying us. 22
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic006 What parts are needed to fix the food processor? Neutral 50 {To the point} Here is the list. We've been scrapping together quick-fixes to keep it running for months. I think it finally crapped out and needs a full overhaul. 23
Neutral 50 It's the goofy machine behind the counter in the corner next to the stove. I'd be much obliged if you could take a look at it and get it fixed up. 24
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic007 Where might I find these parts? Neutral 50 {At a loss} I don't know. Try the various traders around the wastes, or the pawn shop in Westside might have some parts. 25
Neutral 50 {Sudden realization} Oh, I've heard of a place called House Tools you could check out! Its an old factory on the north side of Vegas. 26
Neutral 50 {Nervous} Just a word of warning, though. I hear no one who goes in there comes back out. Could be traps, crazy robots, or who knows what in that place. 27
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic009 Where should I look for spices? Neutral 50 The Crimson Caravan would probably be able to arrange a regular shipment, but I don't know of any spices known to improve mood. 28
Neutral 50 Hell, we have a whole research department. One guy's even set up in the main terminal building. They're the ones who oughtta be looking into it. 29
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic010 I'd like to talk about something else. Neutral 50 What can I do for you? 30
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic011 Mrs. Nash agreed to trade with McCarran. Neutral 50 {Pleased} Great! Small price to pay in caps for a little variety in our weekly menu. 31
Mrs. Nash agreed to trade snacks for vegetables and water. Neutral 50 {Very pleased} Excellent! That'll save us some caps and help offload a bit of our overstock. 32
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic012 Blake at the Crimson Caravan agreed to sell meat and spices. Neutral 50 {Pleased} Good to hear. That should cover the majority of the supply. 33
The Crimson Caravan agreed to trade meat and spices for vegetables and water. Neutral 50 {Very pleased} That should help balance out our stock of food more reasonably and save us a ton of caps. Good work! 34
The Crimson Caravan agreed to trade meat and spices at a generous discount. Neutral 50 {Very pleased} You managed to swing us a discount and cover the majority of the meat supply we need? Good work! 35
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic013 I found a merchant named Fitz who agreed to sell meat to McCarran. Neutral 50 {Pleased} Good, that should help diversify things. It may be a bit gamey, but I can use it for stews and kabobs. 36
I found a merchant named Fitz who agreed to sell meat to McCarran. Neutral 50 {Very pleased} Great! What he sells might be a bit gamey, but I can use it for stews and kabobs. 37
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic014 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Have a good one. 38
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic015 I fixed the food processor. Neutral 50 Amazing. I thought that thing was done for. That'll help me transform what I can offer the troops. 39
Neutral 50 I'll give you a little extra discount the next time you buy food from me. Thanks again. 40
VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic016 This spore pod extract from Keely should help with morale. Neutral 50 {Pleasantly surprised} No shit? The stuff actually does all that, huh? 41
Neutral 50 I'll have to start testing this out immediately. This will really help keep the guys focused. 42


HELLO Hello Neutral 50 {annoyed at seeing the player} Aw crap. 43
Hello Neutral 50 {annoyed at seeing the player} Hi. 44
Hello Neutral 50 {annoyed at seeing the player} Heh. 45
Hello Neutral 50 {cheery} Hello. 46
Hello Neutral 50 {Whistling a tune} <Whistling> 47
Hello Neutral 50 {Humming a tune} <Humming> 48
Hello Neutral 50 {cheery} Howdy. 49
Hello Neutral 50 {cheery} How about some grub? 50
Hello Neutral 50 {Concerned} Whew, you don't look so good. You might want to see Doc Kemp. 51
Hello Neutral 50 {cheery} If you need anything, just give me a holler. 52