The core assembly is a torso power armor mod in Fallout 4.


Upon installation on a power armor torso, the core assembly increases the Action Point refresh rate of the individual utilising the armor.


The core assembly can be crafted at a power armor station with a power armor frame installed. The required torso must be installed on the frame before crafting can commence. The quantity of components required is dependant on the type of power armor torso one wishes to install the modification on.

Adhesive (See table)
Aluminum (See table)
Circuitry (See table)
Nuclear material (See table)
Icon range
Science! Rank 3
Icon level
Core assembly (1)
Armor Adhesive Aluminum Circuitry Nuclear material
Raider Icon cut 4 5 3 3
T-45 5 6 4 4
T-51 6 8 4 4
T-60 7 9 5 5
X-01 9 11 7 6


With exception to the T-60 variant that may be given as a quest reward by Lancer Captain Kells, the core assembly can only be obtained via crafting at a power armor station.

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