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For as long as history has been recorded, man has had an insatiable hunger for knowledge regarding the universe. To understand why man is so interested in this unknown expanse of space around our little world, we must take a journey. Please, sit back, relax and free yourself from the bonds of our planet as we take off for the [bzzt] stars! stars [bzzt] planet as we [bzzt] stars sta- [audio reverses rapidly]Planetarium terminal

The Copernicus Planetarium is an area inside the Museum of Technology, found in the Mall. The easiest way to get there is to take Anacostia Crossing station to the Museum station and to take the Museum of Technology exit from there.


Before the war, several events were featured around the planetarium, such as the Spaceflight Gallery, the Virgo II Moon Lander replica, and the G-Force simulator ride. The planetarium itself allowed for a tour of the stars. All exhibits were sponsored by the United States Space Administration.[1]

Movies were shown in the Copernicus Planetarium, including:[2]

  • "The Long Road to Mars": A simulated flight through the stars from our Earth to the Red Planet.
  • "Journey Beyond the Universe": What lies beyond our universe? A theoretical journey farther than anyone's gone before.
  • "We're All Just Stardust": A program that asked the simple but thought-provoking question "Where did we come from?"
  • "Zany Planet Show": Program where visitors could join Captain Space Galaxy as he travels the solar system and visits each of the worlds within it. Recommended for kids 4 – 10 years old.


The planetarium consists of the main hall with the projector in the center of a circle of seats for the audience. The audience circle also contains the show control terminal. To the side is a maintenance room which consists of tools and other supplies.

Notable loot

There is nothing in the planetarium itself, but there is a small equipment cache left in the maintenance room. Inside is a Nuka-Cola Quantum and a locked weapons locker.


  • The key to the cabinet can be found in the unmarked quest, Jiggs' Loot. It is in a safe in the museum's security office.
  • One can also activate the planetarium show by activating the big machine located in the center of the room, which malfunctions and repeats itself after a while. However, it can be activated at any time using the nearby terminal.
  • Upon exiting the room with the gun cabinet (indicated in the quest Jiggs' Loot), up to three super mutants of varying difficulty will enter the planetarium.
  • Having subtitles enabled will make the planetarium speech subtitle to appear constantly in the west wing, even when far enough to not hear it.


The Copernicus Planetarium appears only in Fallout 3.