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Cooking stations are world objects and crafting stations in Fallout 76.


Cooking stations, found throughout Appalachia, are workstations that have variants of a cooking pot suspended over a campfire, a low cooking pot over a grate, a modified pre-War stove, and a rotisserie spit. They facilitate the cooking of various food, drink, and aid items from ingredients found in the waste or grown in settlements.

Basic cooking recipes are unlocked when first collecting a given ingredient, while advanced recipes are learned by collecting them from quests, buying them from vendors, or finding them in the wild. Cooking increases the value, removes the chances for disease, and greatly increases the nutritional value of raw ingredients.


Cooking fire


Name Editor ID Form ID
Cooking fire 0010C3B7 (workshop) - 0010C3B6 (world) WorkbenchCookingFire
Steel (2)
Wood (2)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Known by default
Cooking fire (1)

Ground pot

FO76 Cooking 1.png

Name Editor ID Form ID
Ground pot 000C79B4 WorkbenchCookingGroundPot
Steel (2)
Wood (2)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Known by default
Ground pot (1)

Cooking spit

FO76 Cooking 2.png

Name Editor ID Form ID
Cooking spit 0014FBCD WorkbenchCookingSpit
Steel (2)
Wood (2)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Learned from plan/recipe
Plan: Cooking spit
Cooking spit (1)


FO76 Cooking 3.png

Name Editor ID Form ID
Stove 001865B9 WorkbenchCookingStove
Steel (2)
Wood (2)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Learned from plan/recipe
Plan: Cooking stove
Cooking stove (1)

Crafting recipes


Name XP Gain (*) Effect Recipe Required Items Needed
Aged mirelurk queen steak +3 END Yes
Appalachili +2 LCK Yes
Awesome opossum bacon +2 LCK Yes
Baked bloatfly +10 Radiation Resistance -
Blackberry honey crisp Yes
Blight soup
Bloatfly loaf +30 Radiation Resistance Yes
Bloodbug pepper steak +0.25 Health Regeneration Yes
Bloodbug steak +30 Maximum HP -
Brain bombs +3 INT
+300 AP
Brain fungus soup +2 INT
Broiled scorchbeast brain +3 INT -
Carrot soup +2 PER
Cat meat steak +2 AGI -
Charred scorchbeast liver +3 LCK -
Chew stick +1 LCK -
Chicken noodle soup Disease Resistance -
Chitlins con carne +2 END Yes
Cooked softshell meat +20 Maximum AP Yes
Corn pone +2 CHR Yes
Corn soup AP Regen
Cramburger +20 Carry Weight Yes
Cranberry cobbler +5% XP Bonus Yes
Cranberry jam +10 Damage Resistance Yes
Cranberry meatball grinder Yes
Cranberry relish
  • +10% Bonus Experience
  • +200 AP
Crispy cave cricket +10 Energy Resistance
Crispy flying ant bits +120 Action Points Yes
Crispy squirrel bits +2 AGI
Deathclaw egg omelette ? Health Regeneration Yes
Deathclaw steak +2 STR
Deathclaw Wellington +3 STR Yes
Dog meat steak +3 END Yes
Firecap soup +25 Energy Resistance
Firecap tasty souffle +30 Energy Resistance Yes
Fox jerky +2 AGI -
Fried deerskins +3 AP Yes
Fried fog crawler +? Damage Resistance Yes
Fried radtoad legs +20 Carry Weight Yes
Glowing meat steak +10 Melee Damage -
Grilled hermit crab +1 END Yes
Grilled radroach +1 END -
Grilled radstag 4 +20 Carry Weight -
Grilled radtoad +10 Carry Weight -
Ground mole rat +3 AGI
Gulper slurry Invisible for 10 seconds while in water -
Iguana on a stick +1 Luck -
Megasloth mushroom soup
Megasloth tenderloin +35 Energy Resistance
Mirelurk cake
Mirelurk cake with bloodleaf aioli
Mirelurk egg omelette +2 AP Regeneration
Mirelurk jerky +15 Damage Resistance
Mirelurk queen steak
Mirelurk softshell cake
Mole rat chunks +1 STR -
Mothman egg omelette +2 CHR
Mountain hocks Yes
Mud cookie Yes
Mutant hound chops +10% Melee Damage
Mutant hound stew +15% Melee Damage Yes
Mutt chops
Noodle cup
Owlet nuggets
Poached angler +45 Hit Points
+20 Max AP for 5 minutes
+5 Radiation
Pothole potpie
Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin soup
Radrat steak
Radscorpion egg omelette
Radscorpion fillet Yes
Radscorpion steak
Radstag stew
Radtoad omelette
Razorgrain soup
Ribeye steak
Roast megasloth
Roasted ant
Roasted mirelurk meat
Roasted scorchbeast heart
Royal jelly taffy
Scorchbeast mixed meat stew
Scorchbeast steak
Seared venison with berries Yes
Seasoned rabbit skewers
Silt bean puree
Silt bean soup
Smoked scorchbeast lung
Squirrel on a stick
Starlight berry cobbler
Stingwing filet
Stingwing stew Yes
Swamp tofu
Swamp tofu soup Yes
sweet roll Yes
Sweet tato stew +0.25 Health Regeneration Yes
Syrup +1 AGI
Tasty radscorpion egg omelette Cures all addictions Yes
Tasty squirrel stew Bonus XP Yes
Tato salad surprise AP regen Yes
Tato soup
Vegetable medley soup +20 Disease Resistance Yes
Wolf ribs +2 PER
Yao guai ribs +10% Melee Damage
Yao guai roast +15% Melee Damage Yes


Name XP Gain (*) Effect Recipe Required Items Needed
Blackberry juice +2 Action Points Regeneration
Boiled water -
Carrot flower nectar +1 PER
Company tea 15 AP regeneration
30 Disease Resistance
Cranberry juice +2 Bonus XP
Firecracker berry juice -
Granny's tea 40 HP
0.13 Health Regen
Infused bloodleaf tea 20 Disease Resistance Yes
Infused soot flower tea 20 Max Action Point Yes
Melon juice Health regeneration -
Mutfruit juice +1 AGI -
Purified water -
Simple ash rose tea +1 CHR
Simple bloodleaf tea 5 Disease Resistance
Simple fern flower tea +1 STR
Simple soot flower tea 10 Max Action Points
Soot flower herb paste 20 Radiation Resistance
Steeped ash rose tea +2 CHR Yes
Steeped aster tea +2 INT Yes
Steeped carrot flower tea +2 PER Yes
Steeped fern flower tea +2 STR Yes
Steeped fever blossom tea 5 Action Points regeneration Yes
Steeped gourd blossom tea +2 END Yes
Steeped melon bloom tea 20 Max Action Points Yes
Steeped melon blossom chai +2 AGI Yes
Steeped strangler bloom tea 20 Radiation Resistance Yes
Steeped strangler pod tea 20 Radiation Resistance Yes
Steeped tato flower tea +2 INT Yes
Steeped thistle tea +20% Critical Damage Yes
Sunshine oil 15 Damage Resistance Yes
Sweet blackberry tea 200 Action Points Yes
Sweet mutfruit tea +15% Critical Damage Yes
Sweet labrador tea +40 HP, +2 AP Regen
Sweetwater Special Blend +2 PER Yes
Tarberry juice 120 Action Points
Tato juice 10 Max HP
Vegetable starch