Cook-Cook's Fiend stew is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


A potent stew made by the Fiend leader Cook-Cook. It restores health constantly for a minute and increases the consumer's Strength for the duration of its effects.

Survival Skill effectEdit

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+2 Hit Point for 1m, +1 Strength for 2m-96 Starvation 
20+2 Hit Point for 1m, +1 Strength for 2m-112 Starvation 
30+3 Hit Point for 1m, +1 Strength for 2m-128 Starvation 
40+3 Hit Point for 1m, +1 Strength for 2m-144 Starvation 
50+4 Hit Point for 1m, +2 Strength for 2m-160 Starvation 
60+4 Hit Point for 1m, +2 Strength for 2m-176 Starvation 
70+4 Hit Point for 1m, +2 Strength for 2m-192 Starvation 
80+5 Hit Point for 1m, +2 Strength for 2m-208 Starvation 
90+5 Hit Point for 1m, +2 Strength for 2m-224 Starvation 
100+6 Hit Point for 1m, +3 Strength for 2m-240 Starvation 


This item must be crafted by the Courier. It is not sold by merchants or found elsewhere in the wasteland.

  • The recipe for the stew can be found in South Vegas ruins, a Fiend encampment defended by Cook-Cook and his gang. It will be sitting on a shelf along with all the required ingredients for the dish, except for the 2 beers.

Creation requirements

Beer (2)
Icon range
Icon level
Cook-Cook's Fiend stew (1)


  • Although it is stew, its world model actually looks like mole rat meat. The Pip-Boy image is also a piece of meat.
  • If the recipe is not seen on the shelf, it may have fallen off along with some of the ingredients on the ground.
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