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This is a transcript for dialogue with Convivial Historian.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 HistorianHellos 003F19B5 In the old days, revelers drank *bzzt* ERROR: ARCHIVE INCOMPLETE. Restore database to proceed. Parade March protocol standing by.
2 003F19B6 ARCHIVE INCOMPLETE. Restore archive to proceed with march protocol.
3 003F19B7 Protocol dictates I welcome you to Helvetia. Please enjoy the museum.
4 LibrarianIdles 003F0506 Helvetia's history dates back to Swiss settlement in 1869. *whrr*
5 003F19FD Fasnacht is a tradition that Helvetia's *whrr* founders brought from the old country
6 003F19FE Come see our historic stein collection. And buy a replica.
7 003F19FF Our humble *bzzt* museum houses many interesting artifacts. Have a look.
8 003F1A00 My database contains many multi-dimensional arrays of interesting historical data.
9 003F1A01 Switzerland is a land of many mountains. And many steins.
10 003F1A02 Fasnacht traces its *whrr* roots to Alemannic folklore.
11 003F1A03 Helvetian Fasnacht masks are treasures all their own.
12 003F1A04 If I could, I would drink ERROR: MISSING DATA POINT from my historic Fasnacht stein every year.
13 003F1A05 Our humble museum is always accepting humble donations from humble people.
14 003F1A06 New historical data is *whrr* always a welcome addition to our archives.
15 003F1A07 Helvetia is named for the personification of Switzerland ... Helvetia.
17 MCGreetingsafterfirsttalk 00498878 Hello, Research Assistant. I must join the parade march but the top priority in the queue is finishing the "Historical Fasnacht Beverage" report.
18 I need old Fasnacht steins from Helvetia town to analyze so I can replace corrupt data and complete my data set. Retrieval of steins is requested.
19 003F0509 Thank you Research Assistant. Analyzing object or multiples of object received. Here are the results.
20 E01F_Fasnacht_LibrarianToParadeStart 0046FB97 Thank you Research Assistant. The report is complete and available for your peer review. Proceeding to the parade starting line.
21 0046FB93 Historically, of course, these masks would have been worn the entire festival by the participants but we only don them right before the parade.
133 003F1A0A Ooooh yo-eon, *whrr* music is my pass-eon! *bzzt* Singing, auto tune. Painful effort to make that rhyme