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The Control subject's recordings are three holotapes in Fallout 4, recorded by Research Assistant Peters. Eight months before the Great War, she underwent voluntary radiation exposure in order to try out a radiation treatment serum. The serum fails; she is the control subject, and thus has received a placebo rather than the actual radiation treatment, although she shows no indication of knowing this.


The three holotapes can be found in an abandoned house just south of Bunker Hill, accessed by an alleyway on the road to Weatherby Savings & Loan.


Recording 1

Entry three, recorded by Research Assistant Peters on February 26th, 2077. Time... it's 1235 hours. Subjects direct radiation exposure level increased to 2 sieverts per 24 hours. Intravenous fluid intake increased to 1 liter. Subject reports localized pain in frontal and parietal lobe, accompanied by severe nausea, with vomiting on average... 3-6 instances per 12 hours. Solid food no longer viable by oral intake. Other symptoms include general weakness in limbs, bleeding of gums, severe abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Dark stool indicates possibility of intestinal bleeding. Shortness of breath also an issue. I will now describe changes in mood or thought process. I have never in my life felt as horrible as I do right now. The discomfort is almost too much to bear. I often contemplate termination of the trial. But I know - I know - it'll only be a few more days before I reach 6 sieverts. Then I can administer the serum. We'll get our contract renewed, the serum will go to market, and it's going to help people. It's really going to change the way we live. And me, I'll be fin... Fine. I'll be fine. Cyclical thoughts. No other developments to report.

Recording 2

Entry Six. R.A Peters. It's March 1st. I've - I mean, the subject has reached saturation threshold safely. Taking measurement now... Confirm 6 sieverts. Rapid fluid loss due to fever. Upped IV intake. All previous symptoms are still present. Tissue damage visible on arms, neck and hands: necrotic sloughing of the skin. Topical and ingested antibiotics applied to control infection. Now injecting first dose of serum sample 42-BA-7 into bloodstream. No immediate effects observed. Animal trials yielded results in less than...

Recording 3

Second dose of sample 42-BA-7 injected hours ago... No effect. No effect? I contacted the lab to terminate this trial, but... I need a doctor. Hang on, what's that? My... teeth!? Several teeth dislodged. Feels like.. necrotic tissue damage throughout oral cavity. Serum is ineffective at toxic levels. Request to terminate trial was... orders are to remain in quarantine for the duration of the experimental period. I understand I am going to die. That's obvious, it's right here. Our failure. If you would, Dr Roberts, please deliver the following to my family: Mom, Dad, I love you. Yes, I volunteered for this. It sounds crazy, but I believed in it. There'll be nothing left worth burying, but just know I... Hmm, no, that's a bit too sentimental... Let me think about it.