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Contact tape is a holodisk in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


The holodisk is added to the player character's Pip-Boy after accessing the "Welcome to USA, Dr. Jiang" entry on the terminal in room 1D of the Homestead Motel.



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I apologize that I cannot receive you in person, agent Jiang. Our Norfolk contact confirms your arrival. How eager the Americans are to believe that a great mind of the People would defect! Our countrymen will herald you as a hero when your work is done. To that end, let us turn to the details of your mission. This room will be your safehouse in Point Lookout. Focus initially on playing the American lapdog. Do not arouse suspicion. When it is safe, use the key you were given in Norfolk to open one of the public rental lockers on the boardwalk near the Motel. You will be provided with the password you'll need to access your mission debriefing. The agreed upon payment will be paid upon extraction. Zhù ni háoyùn (Mandarin for "Good Luck"), agent Jiang.
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