Contact Report: "Enclave" is a note in Fallout 3.


This note is added to the Lone Wanderer's Pip-Boy after reading the View External Contact Report entry on the Overseer's terminal during Trouble on the Homefront.



The Vault recently received unexpected radio contact over the governmental Vault-Tec frequency, from an organization calling itself "The Enclave."

Governmental codes are valid according to the Vault's ancient records, and The Enclave put forth an offer of amnesty and unity with the official remnants of the American government, in exchange for access to the Vault and its data stores. They claim that our Vault passwords no longer match their records, preventing them from extending their offer in person.

After brief negotiation, I have refused entrance to this "Enclave." I cannot trust my Vault and its inhabitants to an unknown factor, much less one that would so gallantly suggest abandoning our vault's great mission.

All the more reason to prevent the rebels from opening the Vault to the likes of them.

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