For the similarly named title in Caesar's Legion, see Consul (Caesar's Legion).

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Consul and proconsul are titles used in the Fallout series.


At some point in the 22nd century, the inhabitants of Vault 8 began the process of recolonizing the surface, giving birth to Vault City. During the transition, it was decided that the position of overseer would be abandoned, and instead, governance would fall to an elected council. At least one of the positions on this council grants the position holder the title of "proconsul."

Proconsul is the title given in Vault City to the assistant of the First Citizen. The Proconsul is responsible for scheduling the First Citizen's appointments, administering the citizenship test, and updating lists stored on the Vault City server.[1]

Known consuls

Proconsul Gregory is the only known holder of this office and was responsible for administering the Vault City citizenship test.


Consuls are mentioned only in Fallout 2.


  1. Gregory: "{130}{}{I am Proconsul Gregory. Is the office you were looking for, or...?}"
    The Chosen One: "{131}{}{"Proconsul?" What the hell is a "Proconsul?"}"
    Gregory: "{134}{}{I am the ASSISTANT to the First Citizen. I schedule her appointments, administer the Citizenship test to potential applicants, and update all the lists on the Vault City server. No small task, I assure you.}"
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