Consul and Proconsul are titles used in Fallout series.

Vault CityEdit


At some point in the 22nd century, the inhabitants of Vault 8 began the process of recolonising the surface, giving birth to Vault City

During the transition, it was decided that the position of Overseer would be abandoned, and instead governence would fall to an elected council.

At least one of the positions on this council grants the position holder the title of "Proconsul".

Proconsuls in Fallout 2Edit

Proconsul Gregory is the only known holder of this office, and was responsible for administering the Vault City citizenship test.

Caesar's LegionEdit


In the 23rd century in Arizona was a confederation of several barbarian tribes, headed by Edward Sallow of the Followers of the Apocalypse. Considering that so helps savages, he decided to create a new state according to their political and philosophical views, which has created an army of nomads, called "Caesar's Legion", taking the title of Caesar.

Caesar then began to structure the greater organization along Roman lines, including in some form the position of Consul.

Consuls in Fallout: New VegasEdit

Consul Licinius Crassus is mentioned in the Bill of sale; this records a transaction between Jenny Mae Crawford and the Consul Officiorum, selling Carla Boone and her unborn child into slavery by for 1000 caps.

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